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Five Solas:

Eschatology Comparison

This page is broken down into two sections. Chart #1 lists the main distinctives of Dispensational Premillennialism and Historic Premillennialism. Chart #2 lists the main distinctives of Postmillennialism and Amillennialism.

This information was excerpted from For He Must Reign: An Introduction to Reformed Eschatology by Kim Riddlebarger. This audio series gives a good overview of the various positions with an excellent Biblical support for Amillennialism. He hs published A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times as a summary of the audio series.

It should be noted that is information may be a little dated as far as listed in the Leading Proponents sections. The supporting books for the positions may also have newer volumes that support or deny the positions.

This chart is intended to give a brief overview of the perspectives on eschatology and not complete defense or defintions…

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It Belonged To The Vatican

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “Some Preliminary Words I:”

…The tank for our apartment held sixty gallons of water, and it filled during the night at a speed that was determined by the water governor, which was kept under lock by Acqua Marcia. By dawn, with no one having used the faucets, the tank would usually be replenished, and for that day we would have water—provided we didn’t use all sixty gallons too soon. This meant not flushing the toilet after every visit. It also meant not taking a bath in more than two inches of water.

I didn’t know during those first arduous weeks that the Acqua Marcia company belonged to the Vatican.

…The flow of gas in our stove was so limited that only two burners functioned at the same time, and for a reasonably steady flame she [the author’s wife] had to resort to one burner….

I didn’t know then that our gas company also belonged to the Vatican.

In lodging my various complaints and pleas for help, I had to use the phone a great deal. Unhappily, my telephone suffered from a variety of speech defects…

I didn’t know then that our telephone company was also largely controlled by the Vatican. Later I was to discover that the building in which I lived belonged to a front company operating for the Vatican and that the same company owned the entire block of houses on both sides of the street.

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Requiescat in Pace (RIP)

Catholic Herald:

RIP stands for requiescat (or requiescant) in pace, “May he or she (or they) rest in peace” and calls to mind the opening words of the Mass for the Dead, which are “Requiem eternam dona eis, Domine”. RIP is therefore shorthand for a prayer – May they rest in peace; but as one of the spokesmen for the Orange Order has pointed out: “From a Protestant point of view, we believe that … when death comes a person either goes to be with Christ for all eternity, or into hell … when death comes that decision has been made and no decisions are made after death.”

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Rome’s Counter-Reformation Tactics

A helpful series from Sound of the Alarm on Rome’s Counter-Reformation tactics can be read at these links:

Part 1 – Introduces Rome’s tactics as Institution, Inquisition, Intransigence, Invention, Insurgence, Indoctrination, Insinuation, and Infiltration.

Part 2 – A look at Institution and particularly the Jesuits

Part 3 – A  look at Inquisition

Part 4 – A look at Intransigence and particularly the Council of Trent

Part 5 – A look at Invention and the Index of Forbidden Books

Part 6 – A look at Insurgence

Part 7 – Rome’s Counter-Reformation Tactics #5 Insurgence Part 2

Part 8 – Rome’s Counter-Reformation Tactics #5 Insurgence Part 3

All Things Hideous and Shameful

Interesting what a Roman historian had to say about pagan Rome:

Tacitus, Annals:

Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judea, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome, where all things hideous and shameful from every part of the world find their centre and become popular.

Accordingly, an arrest was first made of all who pleaded guilty; then, upon their information, an immense multitude was convicted, not so much of the crime of firing the city, as of hatred against mankind.


A Jesuit on the Committee

Dr. Ken Matto, “Did Rome Give Us The Bible?:”

Let us bring the Greek manuscripts to today. The Hort and Westcott manuscripts are found today in the United Bible Societies Greek New Testament, the latest being the fourth revision and the Nestle Aland Novum Testamentum Graece which has had 27 revisions. Both of these underlie all the modern versions which means they are derivatives of the Roman Catholic manuscripts of Hort and Westcott.

On the editorial committees of each one is a man named Carlo Montini. Carlo Montini is a Jesuit Cardinal. This means that not only are the manuscripts Roman Catholic, there was even a Roman Catholic Jesuit on the Greek committees of both the Nestle-Aland and the United Bible Societies. This means that Rome has been heavily involved in the modern version movement since these manuscripts underlie all the modern versions.

Source and read more:

Rome in the News, May 2018

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

All of Chile’s 34 bishops RESIGN over a sex abuse and cover-up scandal after crisis meeting with the Pope

Archbishop steps down after he’s found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse of altar boys at the hands of paedophile priest

Catholic priest is among those facing charges after albino is murdered and chopped into pieces so his body parts can be used in ‘magical potions’ in Malawi

Pope Francis in the Wilderness

‘Heretic’ in the Vatican

Church in revolt at pope’s ‘blessing’ of Islam’s expansion in Europe

Pope Francis: My Wish Is for Buddhists and Catholics to Grow ‘Increasingly Closer’

The Catholic Church’s Looming Fight Over Same-Sex Blessings

Vatican Newspaper Under Pope Francis Praises Karl Marx the Founder of Communism

The Vatican denies agreeing deal with Saudi Arabia to build churches for Christians living in the Muslim country

Vatican Denies Signing Accord with Saudi Arabia to Build Churches

Vatican: The Catholic Church Cannot Ever Ordain Women Priests

After Alfie Evans, Vatican Issues ‘Charter of the Rights of the Incurable Child’

‘It’s a MIRACLE’ Catholic Church launch probe after Virgin Mary statue starts WEEPING

‘No other religion would be made fun of in this way’: Christian fury at Met Gala’s ‘blasphemous’ Catholic theme as Rihanna goes dressed as the Pope and Katy Perry wears angel’s wings

Heavenly! Jenna Bush Hager plays up to the Met Gala’s Catholic theme in red lace with scarlet eye make-up – as she attends her first major event since the death of her grandmother Barbara

Katy Perry’s “soul overhaul” leads her to the Vatican to promote Transcendental Meditation

Trans People Urged to Become Priests in Church of England Drive ‘to Honour LGBT+ People’

EU Unveils Plans for ‘Drastic’ Funding Cuts to Patriotic Eastern Nations

The Double Sense of Scripture

John Cassian on how the “abomination of desolation” could be applied to Antichrist:

“Wherefore on those passages which are brought forward with a  clear explanation we also can constantly lay down the meaning and boldly state our own opinions. But those which the Holy Spirit,  reserving for our meditation and exercise, has inserted in holy Scripture with veiled meaning, wishing some of them to be gathered from various proofs and conjectures, ought to be step by step and carefully brought together, so that their assertions and proofs may be arranged by the discretion of the man who is arguing or supporting them. For sometimes when a difference of opinion is expressed on one and the same subject, either view may be considered reasonable and be held without injury to the faith either firmly, or doubtfully, i.e., in such a way that neither is full belief nor absolute rejection accorded to it, and the second view need not interfere with the former, if neither of them is found to be opposed to the faith: as in this case: where Elias came in the person of John, and is again to be the precursor of the Lord’s Advent: and in the  matter of the Abomination of desolation which stood in the holy place, by means of that idol of Jupiter which, as we read, was placed in the temple in Jerusalem, and which is again to stand in the Church through the coming of Antichrist, and all those things which follow in the gospel, which we take as having been fulfilled before the captivity of Jerusalem and still to be fulfilled at the end of this world. In which matters neither view is opposed to the other, nor does the first interpretation interfere with the second.”

~THE WORKS OF JOHN CASSIAN, THE FIRST PART OF THE  CONFERENCES OF JOHN CASSIAN, THE SECOND CONFERENCE OF ABBOT SERENUS, ON PRINCIPALITIES, CHAPTER 4; Schaff (Ages Software), qtd. in Rand Windburn, “The Abomination of Desolation: Past, Present or Future? Matthew 24:1-15 Examined,” page 41, online at

The Triple Tiara

Albert Lévitt:

The “triple tiara” with which the pope is crowned at his coronation has not only a symbolic but also a practical political significance. It represents the threefold nature of the pope. He is (1) the supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church; and (2) he is a temporal ruler, free and independent of every other temporal, secular ruler upon earth; and (3) he is the supreme temporal ruler who reigns over all other temporal rulers, states, and nations by divine command. Thus it is that all spiritual powers and all temporal powers are brought together in one person, an absolute monarch of the entire world, the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, the sovereign of the state of Vatican City.6

6 Albert Lévitt, Vaticanism: The Political Principles of the Roman Catholic Church (New York: Vantage Press, 1960), p. 41. Lévitt continues, “In a country where a papal state does not, or cannot, exist, the Roman Catholic Church says that the state should be by divine law a ‘Catholic state.’ In a ‘Catholic state’ the temporal sovereign of that state acknowledges that the Roman Catholic religion is the only true religion, that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Church, that the pope is that spiritual head of that state, that the temporal head of that state should be, and is, a communicant in the Roman Catholic Church, and that the temporal head of that state owes his political allegiance to the pope in all matters that come within the meaning and functioning of ‘faith and morals’” (pp. 41-42).


Never Ordained of Christ

Philip Melancthon:

“Furthermore, private masses, vows, the single life of priests,  numbering up of sins to the priest, as well as many other things are used for God’s true service and worship though they are but mere ordinances of men. Although the supper of the Lord was truly instituted by Christ, yet the private mass is a wicked profanation of the Lord’s supper: for in the canon, what a corruption is contained in this where it is said that Christ is offered, and that the work itself is a sacrifice, which redeemeth the quick and the dead? These things were never ordained of Christ; yea manifold ways they are repugnant to the gospel. Christ willeth not himself to be offered up of priests, neither can the work of the offerer, or of the receiver, by any means be a sacrifice. This is manifest idolatry, and overthroweth the true doctrine of faith, and the true use of the sacraments. By faith in Christ we are justified, and not by any work of the priests.

~THE COPY OF PHILIP MELANCTHON’S FRUITFUL EPISTLE,  SENT TO KING HENRY, AGAINST THE CRUEL ACT OF THE SIX ARTICLES, Foxe, Vol. 3, (Ages Software), qtd. in Rand Windburn, “The Abomination of Desolation: Past, Present or Future? Matthew 24:1-15 Examined,” page 31, online at

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