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The Jesuit’s New World Order

An old Ministry of Truth interview between Gordon Comstock & Darryl Eberhart.

The Ministry of Truth was a website run by Gordon Comstock that featured interviews on a variety of topics, from theology to health, science, history, and more.  This was the website that first made me aware that there was a historicist interpretation of biblical prophecy.  Unfortunately, the Ministry of Truth is no longer online, and neither are its archives which were once available at (Vyzygoth/Keith Hanson’s old site).  I do not know why Gordon Comstock and Vyzygoth have removed their work from the internet, but someone kindly posted this on YouTube so people can listen:

Zionists or Jesuits? (Debate)

An interesting debate over who really controls the world. I do not consider any of these sources entirely reliable, but the debate is interesting nonetheless:

Witnessing to Catholics


Jesuits Have Seized The White House (Veith)

A fascinating talk by SDA researcher Walter Veith:

The Cunning Genius of the Vatican Papal System

HT to Pilgrim’s Progress revisited for first posting this:

The Mindset of Catholicism Permeating Evangelicalism

Historic Witnesses to the Papacy as Antichrist

A Woman Rides the Beast (Dave Hunt)

Here is an oldie from Dave Hunt (but see The Ultimate Conspiracy – Dave Hunt and the Jesuit Attempt to Hijack the Christian Faith by Michael Bunker for a discussion of Mr. Hunt’s theology)

You can also read Chapter 1 of A Woman Rides the Beast here.

The Biblical Uncovering of the Pope and the Papacy