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Portugal’s Fires 2017: What the Pope Blesses, the Lord Curses

High Park fire

Shaun Willcock:

“And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you.  If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart.” (Malachi 2:1,2)

  In the Scripture above, the Lord sent a curse upon the Jewish priests, and cursed their blessings.  For they were false priests.  This can mean He cursed what they had been blessed with; but also, that He cursed the blessings they pronounced on others.

The priests of Rome are false priests as well.  The only difference is that the Jewish priesthood was ordained of God for a specific time and purpose, whereas the Romish priesthood never was.  And if the Lord cursed the blessings of the Jewish priests, He most certainly curses the blessings of the priests of Rome.  Most especially, He curses that which the pope of Rome, the great high priest of the greatest false religion which has ever existed, blesses.

In June 2017 the sovereign Lord, once again, cursed what the Roman Antichrist blessed, when the worst fires in Portugal’s history swept through its central region.

Does the reader see the hand of God in what occurred in Portugal?  It should make one’s hair stand on end, and humble one into the dust before God!

For Francis I arrived in Portugal in May 2017, being welcomed by the country’s president and adoringly followed by vast crowds of Roman Catholic faithful.  His purpose for being in the country?  To “canonise” two of the three shepherd children who, at Fatima in Portugal a hundred years ago in 1917, claimed to have received visits from the Virgin Mary and messages from her.  I recently wrote a detailed article examining the so-called Fatima apparitions, entitled The Lying “Lady” of Fatima: Seers and Secrets, Deception and Delusion, and the Politics of Global Power.[1]  The reader is urged to carefully read that article.  The entire Fatima deception is all to do with increasing the power of the Vatican over the earth.

And in June – just a month after the papal visit – central Portugal experienced a series of deadly wildfires, with the largest loss of life due to such fires in Portugal’s history!  Dozens perished in the flames, many dying as they tried to flee in their cars.  So great was the catastrophe that Spain, France and Italy sent water-dropping planes, and the EU and UN also pledged assistance.  The Portuguese prime minister said, “The fire has reached a level of human tragedy that we have never seen before.”  And a local mayor of one of the affected areas said, “It does not seem real, it is out of this world…. It is a real inferno, we have never seen anything like that.”

Note: Fatima is in central Portugal!  The fires were in Pedrogao Grande, a municipality in Leiria District.  The city of Leiria is the capital of Leiria District, and is also the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Leiria-Fatima.  It was in fact to the bishop of Leiria that one of the Fatima child “seers”, Lucia dos Santos, entrusted the so-called “third secret” of Fatima in a sealed envelope.  She had written it down on the orders of the bishop of Leiria.

Francis I visits Fatima, being welcomed by the Portuguese president; and a month later the Portuguese president is visiting the Leiria region to meet with the families of the victims of the devastating fires.  Coincidence?  Not in the least.  It was Divine judgment.  We feel deep compassion for and sympathy with the suffering people of Portugal at such a time of great tragedy.  Truly, the hearts of all should break when they consider the extent of the suffering and pain there.  But let us not be found speaking as the foolish, the ignorant, and atheistic speak, when they start blaming God or saying such stupid things as, “How could a loving God allow this?”  or, “How can there be a God?”  When men blaspheme the sovereign Lord of heaven and earth day and night; when they worship idols in direct violation of His holy Word; when they give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, and uphold the foolish lies of human beings as if they carried equal or greater weight than the Word of the living God; when they exalt a sinful man as the “Vicar of Christ” and believe him to be the representative of God on earth; when they cry out for this wicked man’s “blessing” and hang on his every word of blasphemy and idolatry; then at some point the judgment of God must fall, and often it has fallen very swiftly.  He says: “I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images” (Isa. 42:8).

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2014 Mass Animal Deaths

Atibaia 2014-02-19 - Seca no Rio Atibaia (3) (13587504875)This is a little late, but here is a link to a list of all of the mass animal deaths that occurred last year:


This is not an endorsement of a Futurist view of prophecy or any other views on the site linked, but the information is interesting nonetheless.

See also this related article:

Why are so many animals dying? More mass death events occurring now than ever before, study claims


Earth’s Record 41 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters of 2013


Earth’s Record 41 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters of 2013

Dr. Jeff Masters writes:

Earth set a new record for billion-dollar weather disasters in 2013 with 41, said insurance broker Aon Benfield in their Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report issued this week. Despite the record number of billion-dollar disasters, weather-related natural disaster losses (excluding earthquakes) were only slightly above average in 2013, and well below what occurred in 2012. That’s because 2013 lacked a U.S. mega-disaster like Hurricane Sandy ($65 billion in damage) or the 2012 drought ($30 billion in damage.) The most expensive global disaster of 2013 was the June flood in Central Europe, which cost $22 billion. The deadliest disaster was Super Typhoon Haiyan, which killed about 8,000 people in the Philippines. Six countries set records for most expensive weather-related disaster in their history, as tabulated by EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, and adjusted for inflation:

Germany, June flooding, $16 billion. Previous record: $15 billion in damage from the August 2002 Elbe River floods.
Philippines, Super Typhoon Haiyan, $13 billion. Previous record: $2.2 billion, August 2013 floods near Manila.
Austria, June flooding, $4 billion. Previous record: $3.1 billion in damage from the August 2002 floods.
Czech Republic, June flooding, $1.5 billion. Previous record: $0.3 billion in damage from the August 2002 floods.
New Zealand, Jan – May Drought, $1.6 billion. Previous record: $0.3 billion, January 2001 heat wave.
Cambodia, Oct – Nov floods, $1 billion. Previous record: $0.5 billion, August 2011 flood.

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Mass Animal Die-Offs, 2013

1418624_98612786See an interesting map of the mass animal die-offs that occurred in 2013 here:


The Truth: Why Are Millions Of Fish Suddenly Dying In Mass Death Events All Over The Planet?


Millions upon millions of fish are suddenly dying in mass death events all over the world, and nobody seems to know why it is happening.  In many of the news reports that are linked to below, locals are quoted as saying that they have never seen anything like this before.  So is there a connection between all of the fish deaths that are now occurring all over the planet?  If there is a connection, is there anything that we can do to stop the fish die-off?  Sadly, because the big mainstream news networks in the United States have been virtually silent about this phenomenon, most Americans have absolutely no idea that it is happening.  Millions of fish are dying in mass death events every single month and most of the public is totally clueless.

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Mass Animal Deaths, 2012

Here is a list of mass animal deaths that occurred in the year of our Lord, 2012, from End Times Prophecy:

Worldwide Mass Animal Deaths for 2012

“Dead birds litter Georgian Bay in the thousands”

Dead Barbet, Ashy Bulbul hunted

As many as 6,000 dead birds have washed up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, say authorities, who believe botulism may be to blame.

Read more: http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/dead-birds-litter-georgian-bay-in-the-thousands-9

Strange Animal Deaths — What’s Going On?

“Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel, for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land: because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing and lying, and killing and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore the land will mourn; and everyone that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field and the fowls of heaven; yea the fish of the sea will be taken away.” (Hosea 4:1-3)

For those who have eyes to see: No ‘Coincidence’ With God by Robert McCurry (article).  A quote:

“Throughout the Bible, there’s a continuous connection between humans and animals, or between humans and natural events. Nature and humans are intertwined. Many verses in the Bible show this dynamic where human evil affects other earth species. One of them occurs in Hosea chapter 4:1-3…”

Weird Weather — What’s Going On?

For those who have ears to hear: God: The Author of Weather by Paul Rendall (audio)

Bonar — Man’s Misconceptions Of The Works of God

Pestilence! Famine! Earthquake!

(Bonar, “Man’s Misconceptions of the Works of God”)

“By His mighty acts He governs the people.”
Job 36:31

God’s purpose comes in contact with earth and
its dwellers; not generally and by means of laws,
but directly and minutely. His will, His voice,
His hand, His arm, all come into contact with
this world, as well as with all other worlds,
the creations of His power.

He has not left them alone.

He sustains and rules as truly as He creates
them. Not for a moment does He let go his hold.

He is the governor among the nations.

He rules by His power forever.

His eyes behold the nations. He does according
to His will in the armies of heaven and among
the inhabitants of the earth.

It is with no distant, unheeding God that we
have to do; but with that God who fixes the
bounds of our habitation, who counts our hairs,
who feeds the ravens, notes a sparrow’s death,
and clothes the lilies of the field.

God governs the people by means of the changes
of nature. We use “nature” for lack of a better word.
We mean earth and sky with all their motions, and
alternations, and transformations, great and small,
all “natural phenomena” as they are called.

These phenomena, or appearances, appear to us
common things; by some ascribed to “chance”, by
others to “laws of nature.”

Here they are ascribed directly to God.

They are . . .
His voice by which He speaks to us;
His finger by which He touches us;
His rod by which He corrects us;
His sword, by which He smites us.

It seems to be the thought of many, that in
none of these can we or ought we to recognize,
directly and specially, the interposition of God;
that it is fanaticism to interpret them so as to
make them special messengers of God to us.
But the words before us are very explicit, “By
His mighty acts He governs the people.”

The things by which He is here said to govern
the people, are the common things of the day
and year–the rain, the clouds, the lightning,
and such like. He uses these as His voice in . . .
or commanding,
or chastising,
or comforting.

These common things do not come by chance,
or at random, or by dead law, but go out from
God as His messengers. Thus everything has
a divine meaning and a heavenly voice. Let
us listen and interpret and understand.

Summer speaks to us with its green fields and
fragrant gardens; winter speaks to us with its
ice and snow and frost. By these God governs
the people . . .
the pestilence,
the famine,
the earthquake,
the lightning,
the storm,
the shipwreck,
the overthrow of kingdoms and kings.

Each of these has a special message to the
nations–and to each of us. Let us see God
drawing near to us in them; showing His care
and love, manifesting an unwearied concern
for our welfare.

Woe to us if we either misinterpret them,
or refuse to interpret them at all.

The common daily changes of personal or family
life, all speak in the same way. Not only the
sweeping calamity that carries off its hundreds;
but the sickness, the pain, or the gentle
indisposition–these have a voice to us.

He who has an ear, let him hear!

We disjoin God from creation, and so see
nothing in it of divine life and power.

We disjoin God from the changes of creation,
and so find no meaning in these.

We disjoin God from the beautiful or the terrible,
and so realize nothing in them which overawes, or
attracts, or purifies, or comforts.

We have so learned to separate between God
and the ‘works of God’, that we seem to imagine
that they contradict each other. The fair sky,
and the clear stream, and the green hills–all
speak of divine goodness.

This separation of God from His works is one
of the awful features of human unbelief.

How much more of Him would we know, were
we to interpret His works aright, and hear His
voice in each, whether in love or discipline.

“By His mighty acts He governs the people.”
Job 36:31