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Coded Messages

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “The Vatican’s Expenses XI:”

Unknown to most people, even regular listeners to Vatican Radio, is the fact that during the early morning hours of each day the office of the Vatican’s secretary of state broadcasts messages—some of them in code—to priests, nuncios, apostolic delegates, and cardinals in all parts of the world. Each Church dignitary knows about what time to expect special announcements pertaining to his region. He also receives coded signals from the Vatican to remind him of the “date” he has with his receiver.

In contrast with other stations, Vatican Radio often communicates private messages that will not be understood by anyone but the papal representative for whom they are intended. One might, for instance, hear something like this: “Father Tizio, with reference to the information in your letter of the eighth of September, re the peasant woman who sees visions of the Virgin Mary, we have considered your suggestion, but suggest that ad captandum vulgus. . . .”

Several years ago, when N.B.C. correspondent Irving R. Levine visited the station and was told that there was such a daily transmission to the United States, he asked in jest, “Is that when Cardinal Spellman gets his orders from the Vatican?”

The staff member who was acting as Levine’s guide replied with a grin, “No, sir, it’s just the other way around!”

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An Opening to the Left

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “The Vatican in Politics X:”

The Vatican’s role during this period merits review. If the Vatican had not wanted its Christian Democratic party to work with the left-wing, Marxist politicians, then there would never have been an “opening to the left” in Italian politics; as members of a Catholic party, the democristiani were obliged to maintain their Vatican- approved principles, but the first law of all successful politicians is to retain a position of power. The apertura a sinistra became possible, thanks to a change of climate within the Vatican itself. Much of the change was attributable to Pope John XXIII, whose policies were in strong contrast to the stiffly anti-Communist ones of his predecessor, Pius XII.

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It Alternately Poses

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “The Vatican in Politics X:”

The Vatican does not directly control the Christian Democrats, who are popularly known among the Italian people as democristiani, and also as i preti—literally, the priests. It does not give instructions to its men—but it doesn’t have to. It does not express opinions on given political issues—but the party leadership is always aware of the Vatican’s views. Ostensibly, Italy’s is a secular government, but the rules of conduct are formulated by the Vatican. For this reason, the Vatican has allowed only trusted practicing Catholics who will do the Church’s bidding to rise to the top political jobs in Italy.

One might ask whether the success of the Vatican in Italian politics can be attributed to the merging of its secular and spiritual qualities. The answer is indeed in the affirmative. The Vatican alternately poses as a church and as a political force, depending upon which pose will prove more advantageous at the moment. At the lower levels, through the local congregations, the Church presents itself as a religious organization and wins support by religious appeals to its followers; often these appeals influence voters. At the higher levels the Church becomes increasingly a political organization and, indirectly, exerts a controlling influence over the affairs of the Italian state. The Church’s chief instrument has been the democristi-ani, an army of faithful Christian Democratic politicians that has obviated the Vatican’s need for maintaining powerful lobbies. Italy’s postwar political history is intimately tied to i preti, under whom Italy has been carefully guided to its present position in the world of nations.

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Sent By Providence

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler

“Mussolini was the man sent by Providence.”

(Pope Pius XI)

Source: Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “The Lateran Treaty V, ” http://www.jamesjpn.net/roman-catholicism/the-vatican-empire/6/

Promoting the Jesuit Agenda

C.T. Wilcox:

The article, written by Patricia Zapoa, goes on to say, “From
the beginning of his presidency, George Bush has been promoting the Jesuit agenda. Two months into his presidency, surrounded by

Cardinals of Rome, the President dedicated a cultural center in Washington D.C. to the Pope.” [Reuters]

Shortly after his first inaugural address President George W. Bush went to visit Pope John Paul II. The purpose of this meeting was to finalize the coming Crusade against Islam.

This can be verified by the world-renowned author of “Voyage of the Damned”, Gordon Thomas. According to Thomas, in response to a question this author posed to him, Pope John Paul II has stated several times since 1983 that the coming war would not be between the superpowers but rather between the nations of Christendom

and Islam, it will be a full-fledged religious war. The ultimate goal will be for the purpose of relocating the Papacy to Jerusalem and to “make America Catholic”.

~”The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government And The Truth Behind the Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln (2005), page 30, available online at http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/PDFDocs/Transformation%20of%20the%20Republic%20Sample.pdf



Certain Prerogatives With Respect To Italy

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “Behind the Walls III:”

As an independent state, Vatican City has certain prerogatives with respect to Italy. For instance, in time of war Vatican citizens and personnel are given access across Italian territory. The Vatican is exempt from customs regulations, a privilege that has sometimes been abused. After the end of World War II, visitors to Vatican City began picking up cartons of American cigarettes there, taking them into Italy, where American cigarettes were hard to find, and selling them for double what they paid. As much as this rankled officials of the Italian government (which has a state monopoly on the sale of tobacco), nothing could be done. Or can be done, for the practice continues even to this day—in spite of the fact that the Vatican now rations tobacco and other items, like liquor, which sell at higher prices in Rome.

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By Means of Infiltration, Subversion and Corruption

C.T. Wilcox:

In 1822 the Roman Catholic Monarchies of Europe conspired with the Vatican to destroy the concept of popular government, as found in the experiment of the United States, by means of infiltration, subversion and corruption. The tools used were the Leopold foundation, which was set up by Prince Metternich of Austria and the Jesuit Order. The purpose being to use the financial and military arms of the United States to further the interests of the Papacy in its goal of putting all the world under the temporal submission of the Church.

~”The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government And The Truth Behind the Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln (2005), pages 15-16, available online at http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/PDFDocs/Transformation%20of%20the%20Republic%20Sample.pdf

Without the Help and Good Will of Italy

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “Behind the Walls III:”

Although most prices within the Vatican walls on items of food are concomitant with those of the neighboring country, and geared to Rome’s accelerated cost of living, general expenses are much lower. Vatican housekeepers, at least half of whom are males, do most of their grocery shopping on the grounds—but it’s necessary to go into Rome for such things as clothing, electrical appliances, and other durable goods. Sources in Rome supply the Vatican with its water and its electric power, while the Vatican’s so-called sanitation system empties into the Roman sewers. Without the help and good will of Italy, and especially of Rome, the non-self-sufficient Vatican would be unable to function efficiently.

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Every National Flag Was Lowered

C.T. Wilcox on the continuing political power of the Roman Catholic Church:

The next event was the death o f Pope John Paul II. If anyone has doubts as to the political power the Roman Church has, these doubts were laid to rest as every national flag was lowered to half mast and every form of media all over North America, in the most worshipful manner bowed the knee, like those in Nebuchadnezzar’s time and those in the days of the Caesars, to the man who claims to stand in the place of Almighty God. In this case a man who, while under Nazi occupation in Poland, vigorously helped to produce and sell ‘Zyklon B’ for chemical company I.G. Farben, a nerve gas which was used to kill those wholesale in the death camps of Europe. A man who, in spite of one of the world’s greatest outbreaks of primarily homosexual pedophilia by Roman priests in recent memory, virtually swept the whole matter under the rug until he was finally forced to react by an outraged public. A man who presided over the Roman priesthood ’s led and encouraged genocide in Rwanda and the religious mass murders in the Balkans. A real godly man, n ’est pas? Apparently every major political leader from around the world and representatives from every major religion thought so.

~”The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government And The Truth Behind the Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln (2005), pages 10-11, available online at http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/PDFDocs/Transformation%20of%20the%20Republic%20Sample.pdf

He blew with His winds, and they were scattered

Armada Medal


Jehovah blew with His winds, and they were scattered is a famous phrase on the aftermath of the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, when the Spanish fleet was broken up by a storm, which was also called the Protestant Wind.[1] The phrase seems to have had its origin in an inscription on one of the many commemorative medals struck to celebrate the occasion…

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