Eschatology Resources

This page is a work in progress.  It contains a list of resources that may be of assistance while researching the historicist point of view.  Please note that these resources are listed for educational/research purposes only.  Inclusion of a resource on this list in no way indicates a necessary endorsement of any or all of the resource’s contents or opinions.  Not all of these resources are from a historic Protestant point of view (, Presents of God, etc.).


“Since then your serene Majesty and your Lordships seek a simple answer, I will give it in this manner, neither horned nor toothed. Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason (for I do not trust either in the pope or in councils alone, since it is well known that they have often erred and contradicted themselves), I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. May God help me. Amen.”
(Reply to the Diet of Worms, April 18, 1521)
~ Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, 33: Career of the Reformer III


Starting Points:

  1. John’s Revelation Unveiled by Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee.  Also available here.
  2. W.J. Mencarow’s sermons on the book of Revelation
  3. The Papacy is the Antichrist: A Demonstration by J.A. Wylie (pdf)


  1. Eschatology Charts & Diagrams
  2. Visual Unit’s Charts & Diagrams

Historicism Information:

  1. Berean Beacon
  2. Christian Watch
  3. European Institute of Protestant Studies
  4. Historicism Research Foundation
  6. archives
  8. Iconbusters
  9. Lazarus Unbound
  10. Presents of God
  11. Still Waters Revival Books / Puritan Downloads
  12. The Reformation Online
  13. The Reformation Online – Old

Historicist Exegesis of Scripture and Understanding of History:

  1. Abernethie, Thomas – Abjuration of Popery By A Former Jesuit Turned Reformed Christian In The Church Of Scotland
  2. Barnes, Albert – Notes on Revelation
  3. Beza, Theodore – The Pope’s Canons
  4. Blakeney, R.P. – Protestant Catechism or Popery Refuted
  5. Brakel, Wilhelmus à – Commentary on Revelation
  6. Brightman, Thomas – The Revelation of St. John
  7. Brown, John (of Haddington) – Absurdity and Perfidy of all Authoritative Toleration of Gross Heresy, Blasphemy, Idolatry, Popery in Britain
  8. Brown, John – Commentary on Revelation
  9. Calvin, John – Rise of the Papacy with Proof from Daniel and Paul
  10. Clarke, Samuel on Revelation
  11. Dabney, Robert L. – Attractions of Popery
  12. Daniels, Michael – The First Rays of Millennial Morning Light: An Overview of Historicism Classical Post Millennialism–A Historic Covenanter view of Eschatology
  13. Dent, Arthur – The Ruin of Rome
  14. Diodati, Jean on Revelation
  15. Doolittle, Thomas – Popery is a Novelty
  16. Downame, George – A Treatise concerning Antichrist
  17. Durham, James – Commentary. Referenced here.
  18. Dutch Annotations on Revelation
  19. Edwards, Jonathan – Notes on the Apocalypse
  20. Edwards, Jonathan – The History of Redemption
  21. Elliot, Rev. E.B. – Horae Apocalypticae; or, A commentary on the Apocalypse, critical and historical; including also an examination of the chief prophecies of Daniel (1852)
  22. Fairbairn, Patrick – Is Popery the Antichrist?
  23. Fairbairn, Patrick – The Interpretation of Prophecy
  24. Fleming, Robert – The Apocalyptical Key
  25. Fleming, Robert – The Rise and Fall of the Papacy
  26. Fleming, Robert (the younger) – Postscript on the First Principles of Protestant Apocalyptic Interpretation.
  27. Geneva Bible – Notations on Revelation (both 1560 and 1599) (1560 Geneva Bible annotations on Revelation were written by John Bale and Heinrich Bullinger; the 1599 Geneva Bible annotations on Revelation were written by Francis Junius)
  28. George, R.J. – Badge of Popery
  29. Gill, John – Exposition of the Old and New Testament (Revelation commentary)
  30. Goodwin, Thomas – Third volume of his Works.
  31. Guinness, H. Grattan – Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy
  32. Hanganu, Eduard C — Antiochus IV and Daniel’s Little Horn Reexamined
  33. Hengstenberg, E.W. on Revelation
  34. Henry, Matthew – Popery, A Spiritual Tyranny
  35. Henry, Matthew – Commentary on Revelation (written by William Tong)
  36. Knox, John – Admonition to Flee Idolatry, Romanism and all False Worship
  37. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – Antichrist in Scripture (pdf)
  38. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – Biblical Predictions not Preterist but Historicist (pdf)
  39. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – Calvin on Islam (pdf)
  40. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – Daniel’s Eschatology (pdf). Download the accompanying prophetic chart (pdf).
  41. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – Islam in the Bible (pdf)
  42. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – John’s Historicistic Epistles (pdf)
  43. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – John’s Revelation Unveiled (pdf)
  44. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – Luther on Islam and the Papacy (pdf)
  45. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – The Anti-Preterist Historicism of John Calvin and the Westminster Standards (pdf)
  46. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – The Man of Sin in 2nd Thessalonians (pdf)
  47. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – The Olivet Discourse and the Destruction of Jerusalem in Prophecy (pdf)
  48. Lee, Rev. Dr. Francis Nigel – The Sixth Point of Calvinism: Eschato-ethics (pdf)
  49. Manton, Thomas – Sermons on 2 Thessalonians 2 on the Growth and Fall of Antichrist
  50. Marlorat, Augustin on Revelation
  51. Mason, Archibald – Three Discourses on the Millennium
  52. Mather, Cotton on Revelation
  53. Mayer, John – An Antidote Against Popery
  54. McCarter, J. Parnell – A Critique Of Dr. Kenneth Gentry’s Books “The Beast Of Revelation ” And “Before Jerusalem Fell” And A Second Response To Partial Preterism
  55. McCarter, J. Parnell – A Critique Of Rev. Brian Schwertley’s Books “The Pre-Millenial Deception” And “Matthew 24 And The Great Tribulation” And A Response To Partial Preterism
  56. McCarter, J. Parnell – Critique Of Full Preterism and a Defense of Historicistic Post-Millennialism and Critique Of Full Preterism and a Defense of Historicistic Post-Millennialism (Abridged Version)
  57. McCarter, J. Parnell – Let My People Go (views the United States as Mystery Babylon)
  58. McCarter, J. Parnell – March to Armageddon
  59. McCarter, J. Parnell (compiled and edited by) – Thy Kingdom Come:  A Sketch of Christ’s Church in History Books 1 and 2
  60. McLeod, Alexander – Lectures on the Principal Prophecies of Revelation
  61. Mede, Joseph – A Key to the Apocalypse
  62. Ness, Christopher – Protestant Antidote against the Poison of Popery
  63. Newton, Sir Isaac – Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John
  64. Pareus, David on Revelation
  65. Petto, Sam – The Revelation Unveiled
  66. Plumer, William – Earnest Hours
  67. Pond, Enoch – Essay on The Apocalypse: When Written, and By Whom.
  68. Pond, Enoch – Review of Moses Stuart’s Praeterism.
  69. Poole, Matthew – Latin Synopsis (English Annotations on Revelation written by John Collinges)
  70. Puffendorff, Samuel – The History of Popedom
  71. Puritan Downloads resources on “The Papacy is the Antichrist”
  72. Rutherford, Samuel – A Survey of the Spiritual Antichrist
  73. Scott, Thomas on Revelation
  74. Steele, David – Commentary on Revelation
  75. Steele, David – Notes on the Apocalypse.
  76. Steele, David – pamphlet on The Two Witnesses.  Their Cause, Number, Character, Furniture and Special Work.
  77. Turretin, Francis.  7th Disputation-Whether it can be proven the Pope of Rome is the Antichrist (listed under Ch. 25.6)
  78. Webster, Daniel – The Church of Rome at the Bar of History
  79. Westminster – Annotations on Revelation
  80. Whitby, Daniel – The Fallibility of the Roman Church
  81. Whitaker, William – Disputations on Holy Scripture
  82. Wilkinson, Henry – The Pope of Rome is Antichrist
  83. Windburn, Rand – The Abomination of Desolation: Past, Present, or Future?
  84. Wright, Chad – “The Pope is the Very Antichrist” A Necessary Conviction of the 21st Century Christian
  85. Wylie, J.A. – The Papacy is the Antichrist: A Demonstration (pdf)
  86. Wylie, J.A. – The Seventh Vial
  1. Reformation 500’s 2017 Winter Conference Lectures on the Papacy as Antichrist
  2. Rev. David Silversides
  3. W.J. Mencarow’s sermons on the book of Revelation
  4. Richard Bennett sermons
  5. Steven Dilday sermons (various series)
  6. Greg Price sermons (various series)
  7. Robert Caringola at
  8. Ian Paisley – One World Church, One World Religion

Miscellaneous Topics of Eschatological Interest:

  1. A Defense of (Reformed) Amillennialism by Prof. David J. Engelsma
  2. Is the Pretribulation Rapture Biblical? by Brian Schwertley

Historicist Churches:

  1. East Texas Reformed
  2. Liberty and Grace Reformed
  3. Loughbrickland Reformed
  4. Pilgrim’s Covenant
  5. Reformation Church TX

Historicist Seminaries:

  1. Liberty and Grace Reformed Theological Seminary (This is unconfirmed; however, the seminary is run by Steven Dilday of Liberty and Grace Reformed Church)

Historicist Fiction:

  1. The Huguenot Inheritance Series from Inheritance Publications (on the French Protestants — scroll down for the series)
  2. Hunted and Harried by R.M. Ballantyne (on the Scottish Covenanters)
  3. The Last Pilgrims by Michael Bunker (a futuristic account post-collapse of the global economy)
  4. Wick (Volume 1) by Michael Bunker (a stand-alone prequel to The Last Pilgrims; There is now a complete Wick series available)

Historicist Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Puritans’ Home School Curriculum
  2. Foundations of World History from Foundations Press

Historic Protestant versus Roman Catholic Theology

  1. MacLean, Rev. William, M.A. – Arminianism, Another Gospel

On Roman Catholicism, The Jesuits, and the Oxford, Tractarian, and Ritualistic Romanists Movement (TORR), etc.:

  1. Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus
  2. Clarkson, David – Doctrine of Justification is dangerously corrupted in the Roman Church
  3. Gavin, Anthony – History of Popery
  4. Hogan, William – Popery As It Was And As It Is
  5. Lo Bello, Nino – The Vatican Empire
  6. M’donald, John – Romanism Analyzed in the Light of Scripture, Reason and History
  7. Martin, Malachi – The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church
  8. Paris, Edmond – The Secret History of the Jesuits
  9. Saussy, Tupper – Rulers of Evil [no longer in print — rare/hard to find]
  10. Stewart, Alexander – Roman Dogma and Scripture Truth
  11. Turner, Nelson – The Mind of the Jesuit
  12. Walsh, Walter – The History of the Romeward Movement in the Church of England, 1833-1864
  13. Walsh, Walter – The Secret History of the Oxford Movement
  1. AV 1611 Reformation
  2. Concordat Watch
  3. Continuing Counter Reformation
  4. Ex-Catholics For Christ
  5. Inquisition Update
  6. Investigative Journal
  7. Kings of the Earth
  8. Mystery Babylon Exposed
  9. Novus Ordo Watch
  10. Roman Catholicism & Other Antichrists & Apostasies
  11. Spiritually Smart
  12. The Cutting Edge
  13. The Roman Catholic Holy Inquisitions?
  14. The Transformation of the Republic
  15. ToughIssues
  16. Vatican Assassins
  17. Vatican Design Exposed
  1. Noise of Thunder Radio by Chris Pinto
  2. Richard Bennett sermons
  3. Jason Cooley:
  4. Sermons on the Pope
  1. Alberto Rivera, Revealer of Secrets or Spanish Svengali, Teller of Tales? from Iconbusters (pdf)
  2. The Alberto Rivera Story
  3. The Two Babylons or the Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife by Rev. Alexander Hislop but also see THE TWO BABYLONS:  A Case Study in Poor Methodology, a review of The Two Babylons, or The Papal Worship by Alexander Hislop (Lorizeaux Brothers, 1990) and Babylon and Rome by F.F. Bruce via Feileadh Mor.
  1. AramDaniel
  2. Cork Free Presbyterian Church
  3. Dark Day Ministries
  4. Jesuit New World Order
  5. Joggler’s War on Disinfo
  6. Mystery Babylon Documentary
  7. Reformation
  8. Reformed Apologetics Ministries
  9. SDR Ministries
  10. Total Onslaught
  11. WLC Videos

Other Schools of Eschatological Thought:

  1. For a basic overview of the popular interpretations of Revelation, those seeking truth may wish to read the book Revelation: Four Views, Revised and Updated by Steve Gregg.  We have the original version of this commentary and found it helpful, although we disagree with some of the ways Historicism is portrayed in it (we don’t hold that the different churches refer to different church ages, for instance).
  1. Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins (Futurism)
  2. The End of the Age by Pat Robertson (Futurism)
  1. The Last Disciple series by Hank Hanegraaf and Sigmund Brouwer (Partial Preterism)
  2. Preterist Archive (Preterism)
  3. Preterist Central (Preterism)
  1. More Than Conquerors by William Henrickson (Idealism)
  2. Book of Revelation by William Milligan (Idealism)

Resources to Review:

  1. The history of the Romeward movement in the Church of England, 1833-1864
  2. Secret History of the Oxford Movement
  3. The history of the popes, from the close of the middle ages : drawn from the secret Archives of the Vatican and other original sources; from the German
  4. Jesuit Enigma
  5. Life of Charlemagne
  6. Popery and Infidelity
  7. Jesuit Missions: A Chronicle of the Cross in the Wilderness
  8. Rare and out of print anti-Jesuit books
  9. Romanism: A Menace to the Nation
  10. The Papal Drama
  11. The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century: France and England in North America—Part Two
  12. The Bulwark, Or, Reformation Journal: In Defence of the True …, Volumes 15-16
  13. Hand-book of Prophecy
  14. Daniel’s Weeks An Interpretation of part of the Prophecy of Daniel:
  15. The Apostasy of the Latter Times
  16. An Exposition of the Prophecies, Supposed by William Miller to Predict the Second Coming of Christ in 1843
  17. The Pope – Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue – By Jeremiah J. Crowley
  18. Always Victorious! The Earliest Church Not Pre- but Postmillenial
  19. Christians Overcome Papacy and Islam
  20. Commentarie Upon the Book of Revelation by John  Mayer (
  21. The Approaching End of the Age
  22. History of Protestantism
  23. Reformed Layman – Prophecy
  24. Interpreting Daniel

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