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The Jesuit’s New World Order

An old Ministry of Truth interview between Gordon Comstock & Darryl Eberhart.

The Ministry of Truth was a website run by Gordon Comstock that featured interviews on a variety of topics, from theology to health, science, history, and more.  This was the website that first made me aware that there was a historicist interpretation of biblical prophecy.  Unfortunately, the Ministry of Truth is no longer online, and neither are its archives which were once available at (Vyzygoth/Keith Hanson’s old site).  I do not know why Gordon Comstock and Vyzygoth have removed their work from the internet, but someone kindly posted this on YouTube so people can listen:


A Roman Miracle! (A Poem)

The Pope is Antichrist (Baptist)

This is from a Futurist source, but still contains good information about the Papacy:



Walter Veith on the Pope’s Visit to America

Note: Walter Veith is a Seventh Day Adventist and holds to SDA eschatology, which overlaps Protestant Historicism in some areas


The Cunning Genius of the Vatican Papal System

HT to Pilgrim’s Progress revisited for first posting this:

Money and the Vatican

I’m generally not a follower of Coast to Coast AM, but I happened to notice this video on YouTube and found it informative:

Note: YouTube isn’t working properly for me at the moment but hopefully it works for you!

The Protestant Revolt

Statue Marktplatz (Wittenberg) Martin LutherA video series from Westminster Theological Seminary on Protestantism and the Roman Catholic Church:

The Antichrist Destroys 3 Nations After The Fall of Rome

This is from a Seventh Day Adventist source, but it gives a fairly standard Historicist understanding of the 3 horns in Daniel 7. Different scholars identify the 3 horns somewhat differently depending on how the 10 kingdoms are divvied up. In any case, this video gives the general idea with some nice graphics:

Romanism and the Reformation with Tom Freiss

Here is Part 1 of a multi-part series on H. Gratton Guinness’s Romanism and the Reformation.  Tom Freiss adds in commentary of his own while he reads the book, enhancing what Guinness wrote.  The rest of the parts can be located on YouTube and should provide many hours of listening.


Truth about Preterism, Futurism, Anti-Christ, Rapture and 70 Weeks of Daniel – Tom Friess

An interesting discussion between Tom Freiss and Lorries Talk News Radio: