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Rome in the News, April 2017

Some recentish Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

Catholic church may be forced to ordain married men in remote places with priest shortages, Pope Francis says

Catholics Against the Alt-Right

Mass graves are found in disused sewers at a former Catholic home for unmarried mothers in Ireland following decades of suspicion that hundreds of babies were buried in unmarked sites

Orgies, prostitution and porn videos: Vatican is hit by a wave of lurid accusations of misbehaving priests across Italy

Pope appears to back anti-Trump protests in letter condemning populism

Pope cuts penalties for paedophile priests – including one let off with just a lifetime of prayer for abusing five young boys 

Pope says carry and read bible as if it were a mobile phone

Pope warns the EU ‘risks dying’ and is facing a ‘vacuum of values’, as the bloc marks its 60th anniversary

Pope Francis’ dismantling of Vatican pro-life academy is devastating if you know how important it was

Pope Francis issues veiled warning about Donald Trump: ‘Populism is evil’

Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’

Pope Francis ‘urges parents not to have more children than they can bring up properly’

Right-wing fringe group building multimedia empire near Detroit


US teen pleads guilty to IS-inspired plot to kill pope

Vatican stakes out copyright to Pope Francis’ image

Rome in the News, February 2017

Some recent-ish Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

Catholic Church is ‘full of s**t’ declares Philippines president Duterte in fresh tirade claiming priests are ‘corrupt’ and that one abused him while he was at university 

Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming

Climate of fear in Vatican is very real.  Just one quote:

In his editorial in the upcoming December issue of LifeSite’s Faithful Insight magazine, John-Henry Westen relates more of what we discovered.

“… Catholic universities in Rome are watched and professors’ lectures screened to ensure they fall in line with a liberal interpretation of Amoris Laetitia. Clerics are reported to superiors if they are overheard expressing concerns about Pope Francis. Many are afraid to speak openly, even though in the past they were always very willing. Vatican reporters told us they were warned numerous times not to report on the dubia.”

Knights of Malta head has ‘agreed’ to resigns after dispute with Vatican

Pope Benedict reveals he ‘was unsure’ about Francis succeeding him until seeing ‘how he spoke with God’ 

Pope Francis expresses concern over ‘haemorrhage’ of priests and nuns from the Catholic church amid fears the loss of clergy is weakening the religion

Pope warns against populism and ‘saviours’ like Hitler

The Papal Wrecking Ball


The Gathering Continues

Revelation 16:13-16:  And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.  For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.  Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.  And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

Satan-traditional-arms.svgThis prophecy, made 2000 years ago, foresaw a time when Antichrist would attempt to gather the whole world under his control against the Lord Jesus Christ.  He would use demonic powers to help him persuade the kings of the earth and the whole world to follow him.  He would gather together those loyal to the Papacy, Islam, Apostate Protestantism, and all other non-Christian religions.  They would help him try to eliminate biblical Christianity once and for all in their last great opposition against Almighty God and His followers.  And they are gathering in that opposition today.

Said the current pope this past March: “All of us together, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Copts, Evangelical [Protestants] brothers and sisters — children of the same God — we want to live in peace, integrated.”

And more recently we read that this past May, “Pope Francis embraced the grand imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque at the Vatican on Monday in a historic encounter both sides hope will lead to greater understanding and dialogue between the two faiths.” And “A statement quoted Tayeb as telling Francis: “We need to take a joint stance, hand in hand, to bring happiness to humanity. Divine religions were revealed to make people happy, not to cause them hardship.””

It’s not just religious leaders yoking with the Pope.  High-level politicians from around the world are doing the same thing.  One such politician is presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who stated regarding a recent visit with the Pope that “This is an invitation from the Vatican, from a pope that I have enormous respect for in term of the level of consciousness that he’s raising on the need to have morality in our economy.”  (Isn’t it interesting how socialists can invoke religion whenever it suits their purposes?).

From a human perspective, it seems like nothing can stop this union.  But as Christians, we have another perspective, a heavenly perspective that tells us that this union will fail just like every other rebellion against God.  Francis Nigel Lee wrote that this would happen sometime before the Papacy achieved total one-world rule:

“It should be noted that all such Papal efforts will not prevail!
For, some time before the Vatican has achieved her objective of ruling the entire World (as Nimrod of old tried to do in Ancient Babylon) God will pour out the seventh and last vial of His wrath on the Great City and on the cities of the Nations.” [“John’s Revelation Unveiled” page 219]

A great international religious and political shake-up is coming.  Hold fast, dear ones, and watch and keep your garments.  The liberation of the nations will come in the not too distant future.

Sanders for the Pope!

Going up or down advertisement

The following quote is from Bernie Sanders’ campaign page on income and wealth inequality:

“Just as the commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills. How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?” – Pope Francis

Funny how atheists and leftists can invoke religion whenever it suits them but no one else is allowed to!

Theodore Shoebat on Putting Non-Catholics to Death


Consider also this article on Theodore’s father, Walid:

The Catholic Basis for a One World Government

World Government flag

Here are some quotes from an article contrasting the Catholic adoption of Aquinas with the Protestant adoption of Augustine.

Aquinas leads to attempts at a one world government:

Maritain has contended that world government “…perfectly squares with the basic principles of Thomas Aquinas’ political philosophy.”[11]

~11. Jacques Maritain, Man and the State (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1951), p. 197. For the relevant works of Adler and Hutchins, see Mortimer Adler, How to Think About War and Peace (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1944); Robert M. Hutchins, St. Thomas and the World State (Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 1949).

Reaching back through Aquinas to Aristotle, Maritain agreed with Hutchins and Adler that the pivotal point is Aristotle’s notion of the “perfect” state being based upon “self-sufficiency.” In Aristotle’s day that meant the city state, while in the modern era, argues Maritain, this means world government because with the interrelatedness of earthly life only a world state would meet the Aristotelian test of “self- sufficiency.”[12]

~12. Maritain, Man and the State, p. 197. For a similar rationale also see, Hutchins, op. cit., passim.

“…the Catholic tradition…points clearly toward the necessity of world government….Catholics have, then, always been virtually for world government.’’[15]

~15. Ibid., p. 39. [referring to 14. Hutchins, op. cit., pp. 41-42.]

“According to the mind of St. Thomas, only the world state can now be the perfect community.”[16]

~16. lbid., p. 44. [referring to 14. Hutchins, op. cit., pp. 41-42.]

What will this entail for the West?

Maritain argued there is needed a “kind of moral heroism” on the part of “occidental nations,” for there will have to be “…a serious lowering of…standards of life, in order to provide people on the other side…with an equivalent raising of their standards of life.”[13]

~13. Maritain, Man and the State, p. 208.

What is the antidote to utopian attempts at a one world government? Augustine!:

Whether reflected in the fanatical forms of fascism and communism or the more genteel forms of contemporary liberalism, St. Augustine is unsurpassed as an antidote to this powerful force. Throughout his extensive writings, which include some three hundred and fifty treatises, five hundred sermons, and two hundred extant letters, Augustine reflects the fundamental Judaic-Christian view which teaches us there are moral absolutes even though they may be dimly perceived by finite, fallible man. It instructs us that man is not the center and measure of all things, but rather God is. In contrast to his Creator, man is, in addition to being finite and fallible, characterized by a nature that has its “evil” side. Because of these limitations of man there will always be imperfections in the world regardless of the structure of human institutions. Out of this perspective springs the realization that men will never be as gods, and that some tragedy is inherent in the human condition. Armed with such realism, there is an acceptance of what Miguel de Unamuno called “the tragic sense of life.” Man cannot wholly eliminate the storms and vicissitudes of this earthly life as the utopians would do. At best he can alter a portion of them, through faith endure the balance, and by the act of endurance ultimately prevail. To the utopian mind this is all baffling and perhaps even humorous. But to those who accept this perspective, it is “realistic” and “relevant,” for it explains and accounts for more of the human condition than shallow secularism does.

Source and read more:

Rome in the News, December 2015

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

One World Everything:

Is the Vatican promoting birth control to tackle climate change? Senior Papal adviser claims it could offer a ‘solution’ to spiralling population


7 Christians Jailed for Refusing to Convert to … Catholicism

Four men ‘with ISIS contacts’ are arrested for making threats against the Pope and have weapons seized in Italy

Roman Catholicism:

Fundamentalism is ‘a disease of all religions’: Pope says it is not just Islam that has extremist factions

Girl, 12, is cancer free one year after getting a blessing from the Pope

Mother Teresa will become a saint: Nun to be canonised after Pope Francis recognises second ‘miracle’ on Brazilian cured of brain tumours

Pope Orders Audit of Church’s Wealth as Whistleblowers Pursued

Vatican: Jews don’t need Christ to be saved

Wiesenthal Center Applauds Vatican’s New Position That, Contrary To The New Testament, JEWS DO NOT NEED TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION


The Pope of Rome in Three African Countries 2015: Why Now?

Via Shaun Willcock at Bible Based Ministries:

Why did Francis I, the pope of Rome, travel to three African countries (Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic) in November 2015?

Every papal trip, it doesn’t matter where in the world it is, has a definite purpose, and usually more than one.  Neither the pope, nor anyone else in the Vatican, wakes up one morning and says, “Let’s go to X, Y or Z – it’ll be fun.”  Nothing is by coincidence, nor merely on a whim.  Every single Papal destination is carefully and purposefully selected.  There are reasons for every single trip.  And it was no different with Francis’ three-nation trip to Africa in November 2015.

Reasons for the Trip

The first reason for his visit: the rapid spread of Islam in Africa, including in places where African Roman Catholicism is strong, and even growing.  The Vatican’s interfaith movement, for all its talk about “the need for religions to live in harmony” and “mutual respect” and all the rest, has only one true long-term objective: the neutralising and eventual elimination of all other religions.  Francis well knows that the world’s two largest and most powerful religions are clashing across the world – and as he fervently believes that Roman Catholicism must become the world’s dominant (and eventually the world’s only) religion, Islam must be curtailed.  It was time to hype up his vast African flock to draw a line in the sand and resist the spread of Islam.  Time to make them feel proud to be Roman Catholics, and to promote the message that Roman Catholicism must increase, while Islam must decrease.

The second reason for his visit: the rapid spread, in Africa, of western secularism and hedonism.  As the Roman Catholic religion grows in Africa –which it is doing in leaps and bounds – it is important for the Vatican to curtail the increasing influence of western secular “values”, including the west’s promotion of homosexuality and anti-religion.  But note carefully: the Vatican is a chamaeleon, as is Francis himself.  The colours will change according to the audience.  In America, Francis toned down his anti-homosexual stance, so as not to offend the millions in the west who are increasingly accepting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle.  But in Africa, where culturally most Africans still strongly oppose homosexuality, Francis could proclaim a far stronger pro-family (and thus indirectly anti-homosexuality) message.

The third reason for his visit: to preach his favourite Socialist messages of Socialism and radical environmentalism, both of which are aimed at increasing Papal power.  “Business Day focussed on how the papal visit is timely in a push for the sustainable use of resources, and how the Pope had criticised trickle-down economics in defence of the world’s poor.  The paper said that Francis is ‘an advocate of radical change in the global economic order.’”[1] He certainly is, as I have shown in various articles.[2]

And the fourth reason for the visit: to strengthen African Roman Catholicism as it faces challenges from various other quarters.  “These include the clash between traditional customs, like ancestor veneration and church teaching.  Charismatic churches are springing up all over the continent and many Africans (and Catholics) are attracted to the healing power such congregations claim to have.  Polygamy, which is directly at odds with Catholic teaching, is also practiced in parts of Africa…. A number of priests have also left the Church rather then follow the celibate life of the Catholic priesthood.  In a society that places high value on marriage and childbearing, the church’s discipline of celibacy is often questioned in Africa.”[3]

Read more and obtain a free pdf of this article:

Francis and Fidel

Flag of Cuba

Via Shaun Willcock:

The Meeting Between the Pope of Rome and the Cuban Dictator – and the Strange Relationship Between Rome and Cuba for Decades

  In September 2015, on his way to the United States for his momentous first visit, the pope of Rome, the Jesuit Francis I, visited the Communist island nation of Cuba.  He was officially welcomed by President Raul Castro, who was put in power after his infamous brother, Fidel, became too ill to continue as president.  In his opening speech, Francis mentioned the fact that his two predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, had both visited Cuba.  For the third pope in a row to now do so, reveals that something momentous was afoot; indeed, that it had been afoot for many years.

What Was Going On?

Months before his visit, acting as mediator between the two sides, Francis had played a big part in the improved relations between Cuba and the United States, after decades of hostility.  He had written to both presidents, urging them to begin a new phase in relations between their two countries; and in October 2014 delegations from both countries met in the Vatican, where they held talks on various issues.[1]  After these papal efforts, presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro held a personal meeting, and this was followed by both countries opening embassies.  The two also agreed to forge closer ties in trade, tourism and telecommunications.

And then Francis went to Cuba on an official papal visit.  But what was really going on?  The visit did not take place merely because Francis had played such an important part in improving Cuba-U.S. relations.  There was much more to it than that.  When it comes to the Papacy, there always is.

While in Cuba, Francis visited the 89-year-old Fidel Castro, the ruthless dictator of Cuba for so many years.  Castro’s wife, children and grandchildren were also present.  The Vatican claimed that the meeting was not on the official papal itinerary,[2] but of course this was a lie: a visit like this is planned down to the minutest detail, and there was nothing “spontaneous” about it.

So what was this all about?  A small Communist country, yet the third papal visit; an ailing, elderly Communist dictator, who in 1961 had actually expelled the Jesuit Order from Cuba, and yet here he was in 2015, having a cosy chat with the Jesuit pope.  Is there more to Fidel than meets the eye?  What was going on here?

Fidel Castro the Communist Revolutionary

Fidel Castro had been educated by the Jesuits in Cuba.[3]  He embraced Communism, and fought a brutal revolution against the Cuban dictator Batista, which was eventually won by Castro and his Communists in 1959,[4] tragically with great help from the U.S. State Department.[5]  The Cuban Communist government declared itself to be officially atheistic.  Castro allied himself with the Soviet Union, declared Cuba to be a Socialist state – and proceeded to run the country into the ground.  But like Communist leaders everywhere, not for him the privations being endured by his people.  He was an absolute dictator, doing as he pleased, having a secret bank account, and spending at least $25000 a month, mostly on gifts for women.[6]  He lived, in other words, as a Capitalist, just as almost all Communist leaders do, running the island nation as his personal playground.   His own people hated him.  As one author put it, tongue in cheek: “According to Russian press reports, he is so loved by his own people that some 9000 security agents are employed to guard him, lest his many devotees tear him limb from limb.”[7]

Castro willingly trained Communist terrorists from all over the world, including from South Africa.  “Many young South Africans lie dead today because of Castro: as do many young Cubans.  More than 400 000 Cuban soldiers were rotated through Angola in the desperate East/West struggle for that vast former Portuguese territory during the time of Soviet imperialism in Africa.  Seeking to throw back UNITA and the SA [South African] forces, more than 10 000 of Castro’s men were killed, wounded or went missing.”[8]

He was also involved in exporting guns, narcotics, and money laundering.[9]

Read more (free pdf available at original site):

The Pope of Rome in America 2015: Why Now?

Via Shaun Willcock:

In 2008 I wrote an article entitled The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?[1].  Seven years later, in September 2015, the Jesuit pope, Francis I, visited the United States; and it is necessary to analyse his visit, the reasons for it, and what it accomplished.  These papal visits – to any country – are never without distinct purposes.  They do not just happen; they happen at specific times, and for specific purposes.

Back in 2008, when Benedict XVI visited the USA, a Roman Catholic editor stated: “The pope had many missions in the US”.[2]  He certainly did.  The two primary ones at that time were to contain and repair the damage done by the massive priestly sex abuse scandal in the U.S., and to whip liberal American Roman Catholics into line – an ongoing battle for the Vatican hierarchy.

Seven years later it was Benedict’s successor, and again there were a number of reasons for making the trip across the Atlantic:  extremely important reasons, as far as both the Vatican and the U.S. administration were concerned.  In fact, we can say that at this precise time in world history, the visit of Francis I to the U.S. was of paramount importance to both the Vatican and the Obama administration.

Reason No. 1: To Maintain Control Over U.S. Roman Catholics

The Roman Catholic “Church” in the United States is at this time “the most divided Catholic Church in the world”, according to Jesuit priest Russell Pollitt.[3]  It is divided between conservative and liberal Roman Catholics, and the tension between them is a potential threat to the usefulness of America’s extremely wealthy and influential Roman Catholic “Church”, numbering as it does tens of millions of people.

Conservative American Romanists are very troubled by Francis’ stance on many things.  They are concerned that he does not speak out strongly against abortion and sodomy (he is on record as having said, when asked about sodomy in 2013, “Who am I to judge?”); they are concerned about his Socialist economic statements; they are concerned about his pro-Communist policies (dealt with in a previous article of mine[4]), as shown by his open support for  Communists such as the Castros of Cuba and other extremely unsavoury and dangerous South American Communist leaders, and his support of Socialist immigration policies which are seeing hundreds of thousands of people from Central and South America, and the Middle East, flooding into the U.S.; and they are concerned about his Socialist-inspired radical environmentalism (also dealt with in a previous article[5]).  On the other hand, liberal, Socialist and Communist Roman Catholics are thrilled with his stance on these things, and want him to be even more radical.

This state of things – this division between conservative and liberal/Socialist/Communist Roman Catholics – is unacceptable to Rome, because the U.S. Roman Catholic “Church” is the world’s wealthiest, bringing in fabulous revenue for Rome; and also, it is one of the most influential branches of the Papal religion on earth, if not the most influential, with the power to make or break presidential campaigns, etc.  The United States has always been the Vatican’s prime target: it longs to conquer her entirely and convert her into a Roman Catholic nation.

The pope, then, a Socialist/Marxist himself, planned to use this visit to do all in his power to shift conservative Papists towards Socialism politically and economically.  Time will tell just how successful he was, but all indications already are that he was immensely so.