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Were the Nazis Pro-Christian?

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1985-0109-502, Kirchenwahl.- Propaganda der "Deutschen Christen" in BerlinKirchenwahl.- Propaganda der “Deutschen Christen” in Berlin by Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1985-0109-502 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

A summary of the treatment of various Christian denominations under the Nazis:

THE NAZI MASTER PLAN Transcribed and annotated by Professor Richard Bonney




Research and Analysis Branch R & A No. 3114.4



Description. This study describes, with illustrative factual evidence, Nazi purposes, policies and methods of persecuting the Christian Churches in Germany and occupied Europe.



Throughout the period of National Socialist rule, religious liberties in Germany and in the occupied areas were seriously impaired. The various Christian Churches were systematically cut off from effective communication with the people. They were confined as far as possible to the performance of narrowly religious functions, and even within this narrow sphere were subjected to as many hindrances as the Nazis dared to impose. These results were accomplished partly by legal and partly by illegal and terroristic means…

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The Early Christians Never Heard Of A “Pope”

Our day in the light of prophecy and providence (1921) (14590940167)

Reformed Apologetics Ministries:

Absence of Papal Views Among the Earliest Christians

By Keith Thompson


In the fourth session of the 1870 first Vatican Council, Rome made the utterly false assertion that belief in papal primacy has always been understood by the church as a doctrinal necessity. Rome claimed this teaching “has been ever understood by the Catholic Church” (Vatican I, 4th Session, Chapter I, Of the Institution of the Apostolic Primacy in blessed Peter, 1869-1870, edited by Re. Vincent McNabb, O.P. [Burns and Oates, 1907], p. 37). In the same council Rome declared this teaching “is known to all ages . . . [and] has at all times been necessary(Vatican I, 4th Session, Chapter II: On the Perpetuity of the Primacy of blessed Peter in the Roman Pontiffs, 1869-1870, edited by Re. Vincent McNabb, O.P. [Burns and Oates, 1907], pp. 38-39 brackets mine).

In this essay we will prove the most primitive Christians after Jesus and the apostles did not have a pope or believe in the papacy. In fact we will show there is no primitive, meaningful evidence Peter was the first Roman bishop. What is more, we will demonstrate there was no Roman bishop prior to A.D. 150. Before that a group of equal bishops governed the Roman Church simultaneously. Thus, there was no “pope” seen as Peter’s unique successor but instead a group.

Moreover, we will refute the historicity of the Roman claim that primitive Christians believed everyone must submit to the papacy “not only in matters concerning faith and morals, but also in those which regard the discipline and government of the Church throughout the world” (Vatican I, bull Pastor Aeternus). We will also refute the Roman claim the earliest Christians believed “if any questions should arise regarding the faith, they must be decided by her [Rome’s] judgement. . . . To her all the Churches are subject; their prelates give obedience and reverence to her” (The Second General Council of Lyons (1274), quoted in Jacques Dupuis, The Christian Faith in the Doctrinal Documents of the Catholic Church, [Alba House, 2001], p. 20 brackets mine).

If we show the most primitive Christians rejected these papal ideas then we historically refute fundamental components of modern Rome’s doctrine of papal primacy. If papal primacy was not taught by the primitive Christians then it is not part of the faith once for all delivered to the saints by God (Jude 1:3)…

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Up To Its Neck In Blood


Rev. Alan Cairns on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and Reagan‘s betrayal of Protestants and the American people when he opened the door to Roman Catholic rule in the United States:

“You may not know all the history and I am not here to give it to you, but if you go back in your own nation’s history you will find that following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln this country deliberately broke ties with the Vatican for the very simple reason
that the Vatican was embroiled up to its neck in the blood of the murdered president of this country. It is a simple fact of history. No president, not even John F. Kennedy, no president reinstated those relations until the conservative came along whom all the evangelicals were falling down before and he could get it done. And Billy Graham told him if anybody is eve[r] going to be able to do it, of course Graham wanted it done, you are the one to do it.”

[“eve” changed to “eve[r]” by me]

Source:, page 6.  This pdf is linked with the sermon, “Much Prayer Much Blessing, Little Prayer Little Blessing, No Prayer No Blessing” here:

From Egypt to the Secret Archives

Image-Great Pyramid Edgar

I came across this fascinating claim regarding the contents of the Vatican’s Secret Archives.  There is no evidence given in the article to back up the claim beyond bare assertions, but I am publishing it on this blog in case I come across anything related in the future:

“Under Emperor Augustus, Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire. Egypt had a fantastic library in Alexandria but the priests of Isis also had top secret archives dating back to the time after the Great Flood. =

The Romans took a lot of the top secret books back to Rome and stored them in the vast underground vaults beneath the city. The top secret books on divination, sorcery, witchcraft, and spying laid the foundation for the Vatican Secret Archives.

When the British occupation of Rome began in 313 AD, Imperial Rome became Papal Rome. The top secret books on divination, sorcery, witchcraft, and spying were used by Constantine to lay the foundations of the Papacy.”


This brings to mind Revelation 9:21:

Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Mary and 666

Freedom 1F. Tupper Saussy describing the statue of Persephone / Freedom / Mary on the dome of the U.S. Capitol:

“When ultimately cast in bronze, Freedom would reach the height of nineteen feet, six inches – a sum perhaps deliberately calculated to pay homage to the work’s final destination, the Beast of Revelation at Lot 666, for nineteen feet, six inches works out to 6+6+6 feet, 6+6+6 inches.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 22


Masonic at its Foundation

US Capitol Building at night Jan 2006

F. Tupper Saussy on the building of the U.S. Capitol:

“Arriving at the construction site on Lot 666, Commissioner Carroll presented “Worshipful Master Washington” a large silver plaque engraved with the following words:

This South East corner stone, of the Capitol of the United States of America in the city of Washington, was laid on the 18th day of September, in the thirteenth year of American Independence, in the first year of the second term of the Presidency of George Washington, whose virtues in the civil administration of his country have been as conspicuous and beneficial, as his military valor and prudence have been useful in establishing her liberties, and in the year of Masonry, 5793, by the President of the United States, in concert with the Grand Lodge of Maryland, several lodges under its jurisdiction, and Lodge No. 22 from Alexandria, Virginia.

President Washington then descended into a builder’s trench prepared for the Capitol’s foundation, laid the plaque on the ground, and covered it over with the cornerstone…

Then, just as the priests of Jupiter might have blessed their capitolia two millennia ago three Worshipful Masters consecrated the stone with corn, wine, and oil…  Afterward, said the Gazette,

the congregation joined in reverential prayer, which was succeeded by Masonic chanting honors, and a 15-volley from the artillery…

Reading of the barbeque, I was reminded of the passage in the Aeneid where Julius Ascanius promised a sacrifice to Jupiter for favoring his rebellious undertaking:  “I shall bring to thy temple gifts in my own hands, and place a white bullock at thy altar.”  Could it be that the silver plaque, the corn, the wine, the oil, the chanting, the roasted ox, and the reverential prayer were the fulfillment of that promise – a burnt sacrifice to Jupiter, on the altar of his capitolium, upon land called Rome, land formally consecrated by Pontifex Maximus to the protection of the goddess Venus?”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 21

Note: Chapter 20 describes the connection between the goddess Venus and the Virgin Mary

Out of Reverence for the Apostle to Maryland

White House north and south sides

F. Tupper Saussy on the real meaning of the term, “White House:”

“Maryland historians trace the juridical origins of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States to a Patuxent Indian chieftain’s wigwam, which Andrew White denoted in his diary “the first chapel of Maryland.”  White introduced Roman Catholicism to the Patuxents, Anacostics, and Piscataways on real estate that today comprises the District of Columbia.  It’s quite probable that the District of Columbia’s executive mansion was termed “White House” less because of a color of exterior paint than out of reverence for the Apostle to Maryland.  Every utterance of “White House” should fill the historically knowledgeable Jesuit with pride in his Society’s achievements.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 18


We Were Slaves Too

Period replica of the Dove, ship that brought first settlers to Maryland.Period replica of the Dove, ship that brought first settlers to Maryland

F. Tupper Saussy chronicles an early voyage of settlers to Maryland [emphasis added]:

“On November 22, 1633, two ships, the Ark and the Dove, set sail from London.  The passenger list included three Jesuits, sixteen to twenty Roman Catholic gentlemen, several hundred predominantly Protestant slaves and laborers, and Cecilius Calvert’s brother Leonard.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 18

Interestingly, I’ve never heard anyone ever talk of giving Protestants reparations for the slavery of their ancestors … or affirmative action … or government grants … or any other assistance.  It seems that some slaves are “more equal than others.” (see Orwell’s Animal Farm if you don’t get that reference)

The Practical Extirpation of Protestantism

Johannes Adam Simon Oertel Pulling Down the Statue of King George III, N.Y.C. ca. 1859

F. Tupper Saussy on how Catholicism conquered American Protestantism:

On the State of the Church is arguably Lorenzo Ricci’s
“American Manifesto,” the social blueprint for how the General intended to realize Bellarminian liberation in a Protestant monarchy.  The full title page of the first edition of the book says it all:

On the State of the Church and the Legitimate Power of the Roman Pontiff: A Singular Book On the Properly-Ordered Reunification with Dissidents in the Christian Religion.

Here one beholds a description of the momentous social change that the American Revolution would indeed produce — neither monarchial overthrow, nor democracy, nor republicanism, but a “properly ordered reunification with dissidents in the Christian religion,” that is, the reunification of Roman Catholics with Protestants under a secularized religion whose values — long on humanism, short on Scripture — are taught through public schools following the Jesuit ratio studiorum.  “Reunification” means that Protestantism has been reabsorbed into Rome.  This, in the eyes of the black papacy, to the Sun-tzuan mind, and to common sense, equals the practical extirpation of Protestantism.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 17

Surrendered to a Foreign Conqueror

Consider what F. Tupper Saussy has to say on the Protestant persecution of Catholics below.  Has personal liberty increased or decreased since the American Constitution was established?:

Anti-Catholic octopus cartoon“The basis of Roman Catholic persecution was political.  Catholics owed allegiance to Pontifex Maximus, the Bishop of Rome.  The Bishop of Rome was a foreign ruler who as a matter of public policy, regarded the British king and his Protestant Church as heretics to be destroyed.  From the American colonists’ standpoint, to allow Catholics to vote or hold office was tantamount to surrendering their colonies to a foreign conqueror.  A crucial part of maintaining personal liberty in Protestant colonial America was keeping Roman Catholics out of government.  But then came the Revolution.  The colonial citizenry fought for and won their independence from Great Britain.  They established a Constitution that amounted to … surrendering their country to a foreign conqueror.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 11