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A Forbidden Book

Papists burning Luther's worksThe Bible, as you are aware, is a forbidden book in the Romish church. I remember when acting as Popish priest, in Philadelphia, having ventured to suggest to the very Rev. Mr. De Barth, then acting as vicar-general of that diocese, the advantages of educating the poor, and circulating the Bible among them. He scouted at the idea, as heretical, and lodged a written complaint against me, before the archbishop of Baltimore, then Romish metropolitan. I was reprimanded verbally, through the aforesaid De Barth. He was too crafty to send it in writing; the Papists were not then strong enough to forbid, openly, the reading of the Bible. It was then too soon to seal up the fountain of eternal life in this free country. The most sympathizing Protestants could scarcely believe then, that in less than thirty years, Papists would not only dare forbid it to be read, by their own people, and in their own schools, but cast it out of Protestant schools, as they did the other day in New York. What are we coming to, Americans? Your ancestors have come to this country, with no recommendations but holy lives; with no fortune but their pious hearts and strong arms; with no treasure but the word of God.

Will you now permit Papists to cast those Bibles out of your schools, to burn them on the public streets, as they have done in the state of New York, under the inspection of Popish priests, as proved on the oath of several respectable witnesses? That priest, however, did no more than every priest and bishop would do, did he deem it expedient; and here, fellow-citizens, let me assure you, that same power which authorizes that priest, or any other priest, to burn your Bibles, also authorizes him to burn every heretic or Protestant in the country.

~William Hogan, Popery! As it Was and as it Is, Crusade Against the Albigenses


Sleeping on the Sides of a Burning Volcano

BibleplacedkkkIn this city they not only “fawn,” but they have proceeded to “menace.” Some of the knowing ones among the Catholics now boast that they have the power to govern this city, and they intend to exercise it. This is no idle threat. Even now, though they are actually less in numerical strength in the aggregate, than the Protestants, and pay far less for the support of our free schools, they, nevertheless, have succeeded in depriving Protestant children of the privilege of using the Bible for a school-book, as they have been wont to do. Protestants may sleep on if they will, but they may be assured that they are sleeping on the sides of a burning volcano, and that ere long they will be awakened, but too late, we fear, by the angry thunders of the upheaving fires within, which shall scathe and desolate the fair heritage they now enjoy.

~William Hogan, Popery! As it Was and as it Is, Crusade Against the Albigenses

Note: the image above appears to be from a KKK source.  I do not in any way support the KKK; however, the image itself was illustrative of the above quote and does not appear to me to promote any immoral ideas.

Religious Liberty is Merely Endured

Errors of the Roman Catholic Church, or, Centuries of oppression, persecution and ruin (1899) (14593174678)

While searching for an image for my last post, I came across this image and found the caption to be very illuminating.  Here is the caption [emphasis added]:

Text Appearing Before Image:
Beast. No one will call Gladstone an enthusiast, or Bismarcka fool, or Thompson a knave. Yet these, and a host ofothers, are telling the world the danger there is from thissubtile, selfish, centralized power, which claims to be headof both Church and State. But I must close. I might detain you all the night, andthen only hint at the horrible outrages of the Papal Church,in which the life blood of 70,000,000 of human beings was PURGATORY, PENANCE AND PERSECUTION. 153 poured out. Is it any wonder her robes are scarlet\ Isit any wonder she is drunken with the blood of so manysaints ? Come out of her, O men and women of America,that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receivenot of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven,and God hath remembered her iniquities. Extract from Oath which each Bishop is required to take at his consecration: Heretics,schismatics, and rebels to our said lord, or his aforesaid successors, 1 will, to the utmost of mylower, oppose and persecute.
Text Appearing After Image:
o o O s-. o S-t cS O O Q 0> O oO The common School System of the United States is theworst in the world. Cardinal Manning. Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect, without peril to the Catholic Church. Bishop OConner. I would as soon administer the sacrament to dogs as toCatholics who send their children to the Public Schools, forthe Public Schools are the nurseries of vice, and are Godlessschools, and they who send their children to them cannot ex-pect the mercy of God. Priest Walker.(155) CHAPTER XI. THE BOMISII MASS, VIEWED IN THE LIGHT OF SCRIPTURE, REASON AND HISTORY. By REV. GEO. A. LOFTON, D.D. Bishop Ryan, in his lecture, asserted the motto: fc; Romeand Reason. The question of Rome or Reason, hedeclared, no longer existed. Rome appeals to Scripture,Reason and History. To this dread tribunal shall she go,on the subject of the Mass ; and if this arch-sacrament ofthe Catholic Church be proved a scriptural perversion, arational absurdity

The Practical Extirpation of Protestantism

Johannes Adam Simon Oertel Pulling Down the Statue of King George III, N.Y.C. ca. 1859

F. Tupper Saussy on how Catholicism conquered American Protestantism:

On the State of the Church is arguably Lorenzo Ricci’s
“American Manifesto,” the social blueprint for how the General intended to realize Bellarminian liberation in a Protestant monarchy.  The full title page of the first edition of the book says it all:

On the State of the Church and the Legitimate Power of the Roman Pontiff: A Singular Book On the Properly-Ordered Reunification with Dissidents in the Christian Religion.

Here one beholds a description of the momentous social change that the American Revolution would indeed produce — neither monarchial overthrow, nor democracy, nor republicanism, but a “properly ordered reunification with dissidents in the Christian religion,” that is, the reunification of Roman Catholics with Protestants under a secularized religion whose values — long on humanism, short on Scripture — are taught through public schools following the Jesuit ratio studiorum.  “Reunification” means that Protestantism has been reabsorbed into Rome.  This, in the eyes of the black papacy, to the Sun-tzuan mind, and to common sense, equals the practical extirpation of Protestantism.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 17

Producing Jesuitic Graduates

Germany in XXI century. Theater

F. Tupper Saussy on how the West has embraced Jesuitism without even realizing it:

“During its four centuries of existence, the Jesuit educational/theatrical enterprise has produced a proud, poised, and imaginative graduate.  He or she is enlightened by the Medici Library’s humanities, facile in worldly matters, moved by theatricality, and indifferent toward Holy Scripture.  Producing Jesuitic graduates has become the aim of modern public education, despite the heavy price of ignoring Scripture…

The great objective of obscuring Scripture has operated to discourage the formal study of the basics of which the Bible is the cornerstone – literature, science, and history…

America’s understanding has been systematically bent to the will of the Church Militant, while the intellectual means for sensing the capture have been disconnected.  Most of the content of modern media…is state-of-the-art Jesuit ratio studiorum.  The Jesuit College…has become out entire social environment — the movies, the mall, the school, the home, the mind.  Human experience has become a Spiritual Exercise managed by charismatic spiritual directors who know how to manipulate a democracy’s emotions.  Logic, perspective, national memory, and self-discipline are purged to the point that “unbridled emotional responses,” as economist Thomas Sowell put it, “are all we have left.””

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 9

Good High-Spirited Playacting

F. Tupper Saussy gives some food for thought related to modern culture:

Joescena“The faculty of Munich College praised the way the way Jesuit theater captivated Protestants, especially the parents of school-aged youngsters: ‘There is no better means of making friends out of the heretics and the enemies of the Church, and filling up the enrollment of the school than good high-spirited playacting.'”…

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 9

Rome in the News, November 2015

Some Rome and eschatology-related headlines from this past month:

One World Everything:

How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government

Pope bid to unite all religions

Pope: “Christians and Muslims are brothers”

Pope Francis And Vatican Demand Complete ‘Decarbonization’ Of The Entire World

Pope promoted Merton and Buddha

The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

UN planning an ‘international tribunal of climate justice’ which would allow nations to take developed countries to court

Why Britain Entered the EEC


Bishop: ‘Pope Francis Is Wrong, Migrants Are Invasion’

France Is Now Warning Pope Francis That The Muslims Could Murder Him

How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government

Why Britain Entered the EEC

United States:

Catholic Church Paid $79 MILLION By Obama Administration To Force Migrant Invasion

Terrorist Alert: U.S. State Dept Warns Americans Abroad to Steer Clear of Vatican

Roman Catholicism:

After Paris, Pope Francis Tells Christians to Be Ready for the End of the World

‘Christmas is a charade’: Pope says atrocities such as Paris massacre have made festivities meaningless in a world which has chosen ‘war and hate’

Fears for health of Pope Francis, 78, as he stumbles for second time in three days and has to be helped up steps to an altar

Germany’s bishops discuss decentralizing the Church in meeting with Pope Francis

Is Francis Really Fighting Predator Priests?

Is the pope toying with heresy?

‘Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out just fine’: Catholic priest forced to remove controversial church sign

Monks accused of FIVE DECADES of sexual abuse of children at Minnesota abbey – and one is alleged to have had 200 victims

Mother Teresa to become a saint next year: Doctors ‘conclude there is no natural explanation for miracle attributed to her

Pope Francis blasts leak of Vatican documents as deplorable crime but vows to reform Catholic Church

“Pope Francis” is the new Miley Cyrus

Pope Urges Catholic Church To Disavow Conservatism And Fundamentalism

Sainthood Pricetag Leaks Stir Vatican Fury

Vatican properties are operating as BROTHELS and massage parlours for priests, claims latest Vatileaks report


Catholic schools to ban Islam from religious GCSE studies: Senior Muslim readers brand decision ‘very disappointing’ after church intervention


Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment, claims secret archive that lists two million members – including Winston Churchill – and reveals secretive group of elites ruled society for 200 years

Is Trump a Jesuit?

I came across this video posted on Inquisition News:

The main argument being put forth seems to be that Trump may be a Jesuit because he was educated at the Jesuit Fordham University.

It is, of course, possible that Trump is a Jesuit and chose to be educated at Fordham for that reason.  However, without further evidence, a mere possibility does not make a certainty.

I am wary of making claims based on a person’s place of education because there are numerous reasons why someone might attend a place of higher education that have nothing to do with his religious leanings.  For instance, I have a degree from one of the most left-leaning universities in Canada.  By this video’s logic, I must therefore be an extremely left-leaning person.  But I am proof that a person can obtain an education from an institution and yet not share that institution’s values.

So is Trump a Jesuit?  Who knows?  Unless I see some solid evidence, I will abstain from levying that charge against him.

Francis and Fidel

Flag of Cuba

Via Shaun Willcock:

The Meeting Between the Pope of Rome and the Cuban Dictator – and the Strange Relationship Between Rome and Cuba for Decades

  In September 2015, on his way to the United States for his momentous first visit, the pope of Rome, the Jesuit Francis I, visited the Communist island nation of Cuba.  He was officially welcomed by President Raul Castro, who was put in power after his infamous brother, Fidel, became too ill to continue as president.  In his opening speech, Francis mentioned the fact that his two predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict XVI, had both visited Cuba.  For the third pope in a row to now do so, reveals that something momentous was afoot; indeed, that it had been afoot for many years.

What Was Going On?

Months before his visit, acting as mediator between the two sides, Francis had played a big part in the improved relations between Cuba and the United States, after decades of hostility.  He had written to both presidents, urging them to begin a new phase in relations between their two countries; and in October 2014 delegations from both countries met in the Vatican, where they held talks on various issues.[1]  After these papal efforts, presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro held a personal meeting, and this was followed by both countries opening embassies.  The two also agreed to forge closer ties in trade, tourism and telecommunications.

And then Francis went to Cuba on an official papal visit.  But what was really going on?  The visit did not take place merely because Francis had played such an important part in improving Cuba-U.S. relations.  There was much more to it than that.  When it comes to the Papacy, there always is.

While in Cuba, Francis visited the 89-year-old Fidel Castro, the ruthless dictator of Cuba for so many years.  Castro’s wife, children and grandchildren were also present.  The Vatican claimed that the meeting was not on the official papal itinerary,[2] but of course this was a lie: a visit like this is planned down to the minutest detail, and there was nothing “spontaneous” about it.

So what was this all about?  A small Communist country, yet the third papal visit; an ailing, elderly Communist dictator, who in 1961 had actually expelled the Jesuit Order from Cuba, and yet here he was in 2015, having a cosy chat with the Jesuit pope.  Is there more to Fidel than meets the eye?  What was going on here?

Fidel Castro the Communist Revolutionary

Fidel Castro had been educated by the Jesuits in Cuba.[3]  He embraced Communism, and fought a brutal revolution against the Cuban dictator Batista, which was eventually won by Castro and his Communists in 1959,[4] tragically with great help from the U.S. State Department.[5]  The Cuban Communist government declared itself to be officially atheistic.  Castro allied himself with the Soviet Union, declared Cuba to be a Socialist state – and proceeded to run the country into the ground.  But like Communist leaders everywhere, not for him the privations being endured by his people.  He was an absolute dictator, doing as he pleased, having a secret bank account, and spending at least $25000 a month, mostly on gifts for women.[6]  He lived, in other words, as a Capitalist, just as almost all Communist leaders do, running the island nation as his personal playground.   His own people hated him.  As one author put it, tongue in cheek: “According to Russian press reports, he is so loved by his own people that some 9000 security agents are employed to guard him, lest his many devotees tear him limb from limb.”[7]

Castro willingly trained Communist terrorists from all over the world, including from South Africa.  “Many young South Africans lie dead today because of Castro: as do many young Cubans.  More than 400 000 Cuban soldiers were rotated through Angola in the desperate East/West struggle for that vast former Portuguese territory during the time of Soviet imperialism in Africa.  Seeking to throw back UNITA and the SA [South African] forces, more than 10 000 of Castro’s men were killed, wounded or went missing.”[8]

He was also involved in exporting guns, narcotics, and money laundering.[9]

Read more (free pdf available at original site):

Rome in the News, June 2015

Some Rome and eschatology-related headlines from this past month:

One World Everything:

Defiant of ISIL, Syrian Muslims Open Mosque Named After Virgin Mary

Greece might quit euro, says Lagarde: IMF chief remarks are starkest warning yet country will be force to abandon currency if it cannot meet its debts

Public schools called ‘gigantic criminal enterprise’: 

“He also dug up a number of primary documents that he says prove socialist utopians are attempting to create a “new world order” of global citizens.

 “They tell us they’re creating a global government, a global society, a single world religion – basically globalist everything on steroids, and really what they’re talking about is planetary totalitarianism,” Newman said. “They use nice words and that kind of stuff, but they’re very upfront about what they’re doing.””

Rome and Her Daughters:

Catholic bishops denounce horrific desecration of Christian images in ‘gay pride’ marches in Brazil

Catholic church is running so short of priests in Europe and America it is importing them from new strongholds of Asia and Africa

Catholic Group Exposes Red Influence in the Vatican

Colby Cosh: Pope’s encyclical on climate change reads like the Unabomber Manifesto

Fast to save the planet, says Church of England: Congregations told to skip lunch once a month: The Pope wants to get rid of air conditioning.  The Church of England wants to get rid of eating.

“Gay saints”

Greener than thou! Welby trumps Pope in climate crusade by releasing statement on issue saying it has hurt the poor of the world:  The man now believes that governments can legislate the weather:

The Anglican statement called on people of all faiths to ‘recognise the urgency of the tasks involved in making the transition to the low carbon economy’ and demanded that national leaders make laws to ‘limit the global rise in average temperatures to a maximum of two degrees celsius’”

Here’s one man he didn’t keep waiting: Putin hugs Berlusconi after pair meet at Rome Airport… but he was an HOUR late for audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican

How climate-change doubters lost a papal fight

Is the Devil Dividing Romanists and Evangelicals As Francis States?

‘Once again the Catholic Church is out of touch and closing ranks’: 60 Minutes hits back at Cardinal George Pell after he demands apology from sex abuse victim

Pope blames fossil fuels for ‘turning Earth into an immense pile of filth’ and warns of an ‘inevitable disaster’ in environmental encyclical

Pope Francis creates special Vatican court to try bishops accused of covering up sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests

Pope Francis Is Wrong about Air Conditioning

Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian

Pope’s ‘feeling’ about short papacy fuels speculation

The Pope Claims Giving Most of Your Money Is the Gospel: smacks of Marxism

The Pope joins the EU in a sad world of make-believe

The Pope’s Science Is Settled?

UK venerates 750 years old Catholic tongue

Vatican indicts ex-ambassador to Dominican Republic

Vatican signs treaty with “State of Palestine”

What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons? — This sounds an awful lot like Pentecostals “Taking Our Cities for God.”

‘Why didn’t they drop bombs?’ Pope criticises the ‘great powers’ of the world for failing to stop the Nazis transporting Jews, Christians, gypsies and homosexuals to its concentration camps