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A Forbidden Book

Papists burning Luther's worksThe Bible, as you are aware, is a forbidden book in the Romish church. I remember when acting as Popish priest, in Philadelphia, having ventured to suggest to the very Rev. Mr. De Barth, then acting as vicar-general of that diocese, the advantages of educating the poor, and circulating the Bible among them. He scouted at the idea, as heretical, and lodged a written complaint against me, before the archbishop of Baltimore, then Romish metropolitan. I was reprimanded verbally, through the aforesaid De Barth. He was too crafty to send it in writing; the Papists were not then strong enough to forbid, openly, the reading of the Bible. It was then too soon to seal up the fountain of eternal life in this free country. The most sympathizing Protestants could scarcely believe then, that in less than thirty years, Papists would not only dare forbid it to be read, by their own people, and in their own schools, but cast it out of Protestant schools, as they did the other day in New York. What are we coming to, Americans? Your ancestors have come to this country, with no recommendations but holy lives; with no fortune but their pious hearts and strong arms; with no treasure but the word of God.

Will you now permit Papists to cast those Bibles out of your schools, to burn them on the public streets, as they have done in the state of New York, under the inspection of Popish priests, as proved on the oath of several respectable witnesses? That priest, however, did no more than every priest and bishop would do, did he deem it expedient; and here, fellow-citizens, let me assure you, that same power which authorizes that priest, or any other priest, to burn your Bibles, also authorizes him to burn every heretic or Protestant in the country.

~William Hogan, Popery! As it Was and as it Is, Crusade Against the Albigenses

Sleeping on the Sides of a Burning Volcano

BibleplacedkkkIn this city they not only “fawn,” but they have proceeded to “menace.” Some of the knowing ones among the Catholics now boast that they have the power to govern this city, and they intend to exercise it. This is no idle threat. Even now, though they are actually less in numerical strength in the aggregate, than the Protestants, and pay far less for the support of our free schools, they, nevertheless, have succeeded in depriving Protestant children of the privilege of using the Bible for a school-book, as they have been wont to do. Protestants may sleep on if they will, but they may be assured that they are sleeping on the sides of a burning volcano, and that ere long they will be awakened, but too late, we fear, by the angry thunders of the upheaving fires within, which shall scathe and desolate the fair heritage they now enjoy.

~William Hogan, Popery! As it Was and as it Is, Crusade Against the Albigenses

Note: the image above appears to be from a KKK source.  I do not in any way support the KKK; however, the image itself was illustrative of the above quote and does not appear to me to promote any immoral ideas.

Producing Jesuitic Graduates

Germany in XXI century. Theater

F. Tupper Saussy on how the West has embraced Jesuitism without even realizing it:

“During its four centuries of existence, the Jesuit educational/theatrical enterprise has produced a proud, poised, and imaginative graduate.  He or she is enlightened by the Medici Library’s humanities, facile in worldly matters, moved by theatricality, and indifferent toward Holy Scripture.  Producing Jesuitic graduates has become the aim of modern public education, despite the heavy price of ignoring Scripture…

The great objective of obscuring Scripture has operated to discourage the formal study of the basics of which the Bible is the cornerstone – literature, science, and history…

America’s understanding has been systematically bent to the will of the Church Militant, while the intellectual means for sensing the capture have been disconnected.  Most of the content of modern media…is state-of-the-art Jesuit ratio studiorum.  The Jesuit College…has become out entire social environment — the movies, the mall, the school, the home, the mind.  Human experience has become a Spiritual Exercise managed by charismatic spiritual directors who know how to manipulate a democracy’s emotions.  Logic, perspective, national memory, and self-discipline are purged to the point that “unbridled emotional responses,” as economist Thomas Sowell put it, “are all we have left.””

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 9

Good High-Spirited Playacting

F. Tupper Saussy gives some food for thought related to modern culture:

Joescena“The faculty of Munich College praised the way the way Jesuit theater captivated Protestants, especially the parents of school-aged youngsters: ‘There is no better means of making friends out of the heretics and the enemies of the Church, and filling up the enrollment of the school than good high-spirited playacting.'”…

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 9