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Arminianism the Very Essence of Popery

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“Arminianism is the very essence of Popery.  Christopher Ness of St. John’s College, Cambridge, a Puritan divine, in his treatise “An Antidote Against Arminianism,” recommended by the great Dr. John Owen, writes, “As blessed Athanasius sighed out in his day, ‘The world is overrun with Arianism; so it is the sad sigh of our present times, the Christian world is overrun, yea, overwhelmed with the flood of Arminianism; which cometh as it were, out of the mouth of the serpent, that he might cause the woman (the Church) to be carried away of the flood thereof.’ [Rev. 12.15.] He quotes Mr. Rous, Master of Eton College, as saying, ‘Arminianism is the spawn of Popery, which the warmth of favour may easily turn into frogs of the bottomless pit,’ and Dr. Alexander Leighton who calls Arminianism ‘the Pope’s Benjamin, the last and greatest monster of the man of sin: the elixir of Anti-Christianism; the mystery of the mystery of iniquity; the Pope’s cabinet; the very quintessence of equivocation.'””

~Rev. William MacLean, M.A., “Arminiamism: Another Gospel”



Hanserd Knollys – Revelation 12

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An important portion of Revelation in terms of understanding the year day principle found in prophecy scripture.


Rev. 12.1:

This woman is the true visible constituted Church of God under the gospel, in the apostles days called a woman, in opposition unto the apostate Church of Rome, called the great Whore, and the mother of harlots; that is, of all false churches. (Re 17:1-18) The Church of God (his Jerusalem) is resembled by a fair and delicate woman. (Jer 6:2) A woman clothed with the sun, That is, covered with the robe of Christ’s righteousness; and clothed with the garments of his salvation, (Isa 61:10) called the perfection of beauty, (Ps 50:2) she is all glorious within. (Ps 45:13) The spiritual beauty of the primitive church under the gospel in the apostles days, and also in the latter days consisteth, First, in her head, the Lord of Glory, the Sun…

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A Woman Rides the Beast (Dave Hunt)

Here is an oldie from Dave Hunt (but see The Ultimate Conspiracy – Dave Hunt and the Jesuit Attempt to Hijack the Christian Faith by Michael Bunker for a discussion of Mr. Hunt’s theology)

You can also read Chapter 1 of A Woman Rides the Beast here.

James Japan on the Connection Between Daniel and Revelation

An interesting look at the connection between the books of Daniel and Revelation:

I believe that all the important Endtime prophecies in the Book of Daniel have their “mate” or similar verse in the Book of Revelation. What therefore is the key to understand the Endtime prophecies in the Book of Revelation? It’s to know the same prophecies in the Book of Daniel! The Scriptures from these two books of the Bible compliment each other.

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Rome, Tony Blair, and the EU

400px-Albrecht_Dürer,_Apocalypse_of_St_John,_The_Dragon_with_the_Seven_HeadsClick here to see a picture of Tony Blair signing the EU constitution before a bronze statue of Pope Innocent X by Alessandro Algardi.  The signing took place on Capitoline Hill, Rome, on October 29, 2004:

Note the 12 stars and the connection to Mary.  This comes from a Catholic view of Revelation 12:

Revelation 12:1:  And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

Historically, Christians understood the woman in Revelation 12 to be representative of the church.  For instance, here is what Matthew Henry says in his commentary:

Revelation 12:1-11

Here we see that early prophecy eminently fulfilled in which God said he would put enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, Gen_3:15. You will observe,

I. The attempts of Satan and his agents to prevent the increase of the church, by devouring her offspring as soon as it was born; of this we have a very lively description in the most proper images.  1. We see how the church is represented in this vision. (1.) As a woman, the weaker part of the world, but the spouse of Christ, and the mother of the saints. (2.) As clothed with the sun, the imputed righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having put on Christ, who is the Sun of righteousness, she, by her relation to Christ, is invested with honourable rights and privileges, and shines in his rays. (3.) As having the moon under her feet (that is, the world); she stands upon it, but lives above it; her heart and hope are not set upon sublunary things, but on the things that are in heaven, where her head is. (4.) As having on her head a crown of twelve stars, that is, the doctrine of the gospel preached by the twelve apostles, which is a crown of glory to all true believers. (5.) As in travail, crying out, and pained to be delivered. She was pregnant, and now in pain to bring forth a holy progeny to Christ, desirous that what was begun in the conviction of sinners might end in their conversion, that when the children were brought to the birth there might be strength to bring forth, and that she might see of the travail of her soul.

Christopher Ness on Arminianism

As blessed Athanasius sighed out in his day, “The world is overrun with Arianism;” so it is the sad sigh of our present times, the Christian world is overrun, yea, overwhelmed with the flood of Arminianism; which cometh, as it were, out of the mouth of the serpent, that he might cause the woman (the Church) “to be carried away of the flood” thereof (Rev. 12: 15). Thirdly, lest this overflowing deluge of Arminianism should bring destruction upon us, there is great need that some servants of Christ should run to stop the further spreading of this plague and leprosy.” ~Christopher Ness, An Antidote Against Arminianism (1700)