Rome in the News, April 2019

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

Pope Francis security scare in Morocco as man sprints towards King Mohammed’s car and is tackled by his guards while the pontiff looks on during visit to build Christian-Muslim ties

Pope: God Wants Catholic/Muslim Fraternity

Revealed: Irish bishop was accused of raping his own niece when she was just five and faced another two accusations of child sexual abuse before his death

Nuns sexually abusing minors could become next Catholic Church scandal, experts say

New York Archdiocese names 120 priests ‘credibly accused’ of child sex abuse as cardinal begs for forgiveness ‘for the failings of those clergy’

Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘kept a secret database of tens of thousands of child molesters for two decades and hid it from the authorities’

Joe Biden the Vatican candidate of choice for 2020

Pope sends aid to migrants stranded at the US border

It Begins: Former UN Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency

Islam: The West’s ‘Most Formidable and Persistent Enemy’

Notre Dame: An Omen

Jihadi Ideologue Celebrates Notre Dame Cathedral Fire, Threatens Jihad Against France

CHRISLAM RISING: French President Macron Says The Roman Catholic Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Should Be Rebuilt With Muslim Minarets To ‘Reflect Diversity’ Of France

Vatican Cardinal Warns the West ‘Will Disappear’ Due to Mass Migration

Nigeria: Jihad against Christians


Reflections on the Hitchcock-Hanegraff Debate on Revelation

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SBC Prez: God Says We Need to Shut Up About the Reformation

JD Greear, SBC President:

Basically what God says through Amos is if you’ll let me put it in colloquial language, “will you shut up about Gilgal and Beersheba?” I’m sick and tired of hearing about those places because I’m not a God who moved in the past. I’m a God who wants to move today in your present. I almost think, I’m on dangerous ground here…I almost think that God is saying to us “shut up about the Reformation.”


The Vatican-China Accord Betrays Chinese Roman Catholics

Shaun Willcock at Bible Based Ministries:

In September 2018, after a long period of contact between the two, came the news that the Vatican and Red China had signed an agreement which would permit the Chinese Communist government to have the final say in the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops in China.

Expressing what millions of Roman Catholics felt, the signing was described as “a shocking development to many” by a Roman Catholic source.[1]  An understatement of note.

Just what was going on?

For many decades, the Chinese Communist government has claimed the right to control all religious activity in China, and has brutally clamped down on all who dissent: Protestants, Papists and others.  This approach to religion is of course in accordance with old-style Communist principles, to which China subscribes wholeheartedly.  The State must be all-powerful, according to Communist ideology; and in Communist countries like China and Russia (the old USSR), not to mention many others, the only religions permitted by the State to exist are State-sanctioned, State-controlled ones.  In this way the Reds give the appearance of permitting religious freedom while simultaneously controlling religions with an iron fist.

Following its anti-religious policy, China claimed the right to appoint Chinese Roman Catholic bishops, as well as Protestant ministers and all other religious leaders.   The Vatican strongly opposed the State appointment of bishops for all these years.  As a consequence, two “Catholic Churches” existed in China: the official, State-controlled one, known as the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, the priests and bishops of which were not in subjection to the Vatican and were in fact Communist agents; and an underground, illegal one, the priests and bishops of which remained loyal to the Vatican.  The latter, being orthodox Roman Catholics, suffered persecution at the hands of the Chinese government for many years.

But with the signing of this agreement, all future bishops of the Chinese Roman Catholic “Church” would first be approved by the Chinese government – with the blessing and co-operation of the Vatican!

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The Elimination of Christianity

Bruce Charlton, Comment 11, offers a very insightful assessment of current world events:

The covert but implict aim of US/ UK/ EU/ UN etc. interventions in Syria (like other places) seems to be the elimination of Christianity in the Middle East.

Despite 1400 years of Islam, the religion had survived in considerable numbers as as a large minority, until the ‘Arab Spring’…

…Apparently, the Western powers have achieved in less than a decade what more than 1000 years of Islam did not.

I have heard a detailed first hand report of the Middle East situation for Christians from a trustwothy and experienced eyewitness that details all this, but see also:


The historicists I have read predicted that in our days there would be a worldwide alliance aimed at destroying true Christianity once and for all.  This seems to fit.  May the devil’s empire fall swiftly and soon.

Vindicated: Vatican Insider who Accused Francis I of a Cover-Up

Shaun Willcock at Bible Based Ministries:

Some six months ago in September 2018, I wrote an article entitled Top-Ranking Vatican Insider Accuses Francis I of a Cover-Up,[1] about the allegations made by retired Roman Catholic archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, against his pope, Francis I, in August 2018.  Viganò, a former Vatican nuncio (ambassador) to the United States under popes Benedict and Francis, described as a top-ranking Vatican “insider”, released an open letter alleging that Francis had known, at least five years before, about the sexual molestation of seminarians (young male students for the priesthood) by a former cardinal named Theodore McCarrick, because he (Viganò) had told him about it in June 2013; and yet Francis had done nothing about it.

McCarrick reportedly invited seminarians to his beach house, where he shared a bed with them.  “McCarrick was using the Catholic seminary at Seton Hall as a harem.  His boy-toys were given rapid promotions.  Those not into [sodomy] were shunted aside.  McCarrick’s power was such that even men not in his ‘circle’ were afraid to come forward…”[2]  By the late 1990s all this was in fact an open secret among New Jersey’s Roman Catholics where McCarrick was archbishop, and was often discussed by priests and nuns.[3]

Following a ruling in June 2018 on two of the allegations against him by a New York archdiocesan tribunal, which judged that the allegations were “credible”, McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals.  This step was described as “very shocking, very unusual, hasn’t happened in decades”.[4]

Nevertheless, Francis himself had done nothing, even though the allegations against McCarrick had been known for so many years.  And in light of this failure to act, Viganò actually took the astounding step of urging Francis to resign.

Viganò’s open letter threw the Vatican of Francis into a major crisis, with pro-Francis prelates scrambling wildly to contain the damage as the ripples spread out across the globe.  But it turns out that Viganò was right all along – and has now been vindicated.

Let us backtrack somewhat, to remind readers about his allegations, and then see what has now happened to vindicate him.

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The New New World Order

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April 12, 2019:

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared today that the Western, liberal model of society is dying, and a new [AC-polycentric] world order is taking its place…

“The Western liberal model of development, which particularly stipulates a partial loss of national sovereignty – this is what our Western colleagues aimed at when they invented what they called globalization – is losing its attractiveness and is no more viewed as a perfect model for all. Moreover, many people in the very western countries are skeptical about it.”

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The Grand Old Papal Duke and the March Up and Down the Hill

Shaun Willcock of Bible Based Ministries:

Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men;
He marched them up to the top of the hill
And he marched them down again.


This old children’s nursery rhyme sums up the recent Vatican summit on the sexual abuse of children by priests and bishops.  Substitute “Francis, Pope of Rome” for the “grand old Duke of York”, and it says it all.  Francis marched his cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests up to the top of the seven hills of Rome (Rev. 17:3,9) – and then?

Then he marched them down again.

For, having come from all over the world and having reached the summit, they heard speeches, watched videos, shut their eyes in prayer – and then returned home.  The summit achieved nothing.  The priestly abuse will continue as it has for hundreds and hundreds of years, and the cover-ups and lies will continue just as they always have.

The Summit: an Appearance of Doing Something While Doing Nothing

The summit on “The Protection of Minors in the Church” lasted from 21 to 24 February 2019.  During this time, the heads of all the world’s bishops’ conferences met with the Jesuit pope in the Vatican, as well as with many cardinals and other Vatican officials, to discuss this crisis facing the Roman Catholic institution.  Three main subjects were to be the focus of the summit: “Responsibility; Accountability; Transparency”.  All very popular buzz words.  But all meaning absolutely nothing when found on the lips of Romish bishops, archbishops, cardinals and the pope of Rome himself.

Doubtless many of these priestly perverts will be more cautious in the future.  Doubtless many will continue to be arrested and go to prison.  Doubtless hundreds, perhaps thousands of priestly heads will still roll.  But all this will be window dressing.  It will be sound and fury, signifying nothing.  There will be pious cries of shock, horror and outrage.  But the abuse will not stop.

The world, however, as well as millions of outraged and scandalised Roman Catholics, have been left with the impression that something has been done, and that more will still be done.  And this is all that matters to the Vatican.  The Papist archbishop of Malta, Charles Sciculna, said: “This is a new day in terms of transparency.  Bishops are going to be held accountable.  My hope is that people see this as a turning point.”[1]  Yes, sadly, many people will see it as a turning point; and yet no turning – no true repentance, no true conversion – has occurred.  It is not a new day of transparency, and the overwhelming majority of bishops will not be held accountable.  Oh, certainly, some will be, and an appearance of being more “transparent” will be given; but the Popish system will close ranks, and continue to find ways to hide the abuse and get away with it.

For this global priestly perversion is not merely some leaven in an otherwise unleavened “Church”.  It is not merely some bad apples in an otherwise beautiful basket.  And it is not a new phenomenon.  It is an intrinsic part of the entire system of Popery, and always has been.  Whether the victims have been boys, girls, nuns, married women, single girls, even other priests – sexual abuse is a centuries-old abomination of epidemic proportions in the Roman Catholic system.

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The Sister Lucy Fraud

The Thinking Housewife:

SOME VERY evil deeds have been perpetrated since the modernist sect subverted the true Catholic Church and took over its worship, doctrine and buildings. But none may be more wicked than the parading of an impostor Sister Lucy…

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Pope Warns Catholics not to Convert Muslims to Christianity

Pope Francis warned Catholics in Morocco not to attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity, as he addressed a large crowd of his Moroccan flock on Sunday…

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