Rome in the News, September 2018

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related news:

Pope Francis In Poland Tells World Famous Photographer ‘I Am The Devil’ Then Laughs It Off

Catholic Church Found to Have Spent Over $2 Million Lobbying To Block Child Sex Laws

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

People Are Sharing Their Stories Of Catholic Orphanages In Response To A BuzzFeed News Investigation

‘We saw nuns kill children’: Horror claims about torture, sexual abuse and MURDER in Catholic orphanage in Vermont surface decades on

Police launch probe into horror claims that nuns MURDERED children at Catholic orphanage in Vermont

‘It even happened at the kitchen table’: FIVE sisters were sexually abused by the same US Catholic priest when one of them was just 18-months-old

‘My whole life has been a lie’: Powerful video shows brave victims of Pennsylvania Catholic priests, revealing how the abuse ruined their lives, marriages and prevented them having children

Nuns, including one aged 93, are arrested over abuse allegations at notorious orphanage where they ‘beat residents, forced them to eat vomit and ritually humiliated them for bed-wetting’

Penitent Pope Francis describes paedophile priest cover-up as ‘Caca – filth one sees in the toilet’ while meeting with Irish victims before telling 82,000 fans at Croke Park stadium that ‘to hate is human, to forgive is divine’

Scandal of the cesspit babies: Liam Neeson joins fight for Pope to confront truth about 800 children dumped in a mass grave by Irish NUNS as star makes film about tragic home for unmarried mothers

Report on Catholic sexual abuse lists 120 ‘predator priests’ from Greensburg, Pittsburgh dioceses

How the Catholic church used a ‘playbook’ to cover up abuse in Pennsylvania and sent priests to ‘treatment centers’ – but many ignored the advice

Rinsing victims’ mouths with holy water and making one boy pose as Jesus: Grand Jury reveals the depravity of 301 priests who sexually assaulted at least 1,000 children – which the Catholic church covered up

Leaked sex abuse report rocks German church, 3,677 victims

Two top Catholic schools Ampleforth and Downside Abbey hid claims of appalling sex abuse over four decades to protect the Church’s reputation and scale of ‘sadistic’ attacks was worse than feared, inquiry finds

Retired Catholic Bishop dies at 82 – 15 years after admitting covering up suspected pedophile priests’ sexual abuse and killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident in Phoenix

Former Vatican representative to the US says Pope Francis knew about sexual abuse allegations against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and calls on the pontiff to RESIGN

Letter confirms Vatican KNEW about sex abuse claims against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s in 2000

Former Vatican Official Corroborates Allegations Against Pope Francis

Catholic historian explains the disturbing history behind Pope Francis’ ‘novel’ rhetoric

Pope Francis Compares Vatican Whistleblower to Satan

Pope changes church stance on death penalty declaring it ‘inadmissible’ with Catholic teachings

Pope Francis is set to visit an Ireland where the Catholic Church is in steep decline

Modern exodus: Catholicism has lost more of its faithful than any other religion in the U.S.

Rome’s clouded crystal ball

More on the Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church

Putin slams Pope Francis, “he’s not a man of God”

BREAKING NEWS: The New SCOTUS Pick by Trump is a JESUIT!

Russell Moore to Speak at George Soros Event

Cramped Ideas in the Head

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “Behind the Walls III:”

The visitor to the Vatican is not likely to see the relic mailer at work, but no matter where he goes inside the narrow plot of land, he is likely to come across someone busily doing an unexpectedly ordinary job. The Pope’s shoemaker, for example. Since 1939, the task of making papal shoes has belonged to Telesforo Carboni, who habitually refers to Paul VI as “an eight and a half narrow” and the late Pope John as “a wide ten.”

Like many other shoemakers, Carboni is quite a raconteur, particularly on the matter of footwear. Once Carboni said to me, “I remember the time Pope John, who had a big foot, which could take even a ten and a half, came to me and said, ‘Signor Carboni, you must make me a pair of shoes that are nice and big and don’t cramp my feet.’

“A man with cramped feet, you know, will usually have cramped ideas in his head, and so His Holiness wanted a pair of shoes that wouldn’t cramp him in his work. Do you follow?

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Ten Doctrines Which Render Rome Outside of Christ

The Cripplegate:

Tragically, several reasons remain why Roman Catholicism still is not Christian. At this 500th year anniversary [2017], it’s worth taking a thorough look at ten doctrines which render Rome outside of Christ. Many of these are sufficient on their own…

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The Most Unusual Job

Nino Lo Bello, The Vatican Empire, “Behind the Walls III:”

Perhaps the most unusual job in the Vatican—a job that very few people ever hear of—is performed in a high- ceilinged room in the Apostolic Palace. The room is lined with shelves and drawers containing ashes, slivers of bones, and other remains of early saints and martyrs. Under an electric lamp in one corner of this strange chamber, the world’s most macabre library, sits a Vatican officer surrounded with tiny boxes and envelopes addressed to all parts of the globe. These are for the purpose of conveying saintly relics. According to canon law, a relic must be enclosed in every altar of every church. Because churches are inaugurated each week, and an authentic relic is required for each new altar, the librarian is constantly busy filling envelopes with pinches of dust. The envelopes are sent out as registered letters.

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Free Presbyterian Church on a Proposed Papal Visit to Ireland

A statement from the March 2018 meeting of the General Presbytery of the Free Presbytery Church of Ulster:

As reformed evangelical Protestants we totally reject the arrogant and, more importantly, unscriptural titles, claims and teachings of the pope. While, in obedience to Scripture and out of love for the souls of men, we cannot welcome this proposed visit, it will present us with a challenge to highlight the contrast between the teaching of scripture and the false doctrines of the papacy. Our supreme aim and overriding concern is to exalt the only King and Head of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ. To this end we continue to call all people, of all denominations and none, to a personal faith in Christ the Saviour as the only mediator between God and men’.”

Rev. Ian Brown Clerk, Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster