Every National Flag Was Lowered

C.T. Wilcox on the continuing political power of the Roman Catholic Church:

The next event was the death o f Pope John Paul II. If anyone has doubts as to the political power the Roman Church has, these doubts were laid to rest as every national flag was lowered to half mast and every form of media all over North America, in the most worshipful manner bowed the knee, like those in Nebuchadnezzar’s time and those in the days of the Caesars, to the man who claims to stand in the place of Almighty God. In this case a man who, while under Nazi occupation in Poland, vigorously helped to produce and sell ‘Zyklon B’ for chemical company I.G. Farben, a nerve gas which was used to kill those wholesale in the death camps of Europe. A man who, in spite of one of the world’s greatest outbreaks of primarily homosexual pedophilia by Roman priests in recent memory, virtually swept the whole matter under the rug until he was finally forced to react by an outraged public. A man who presided over the Roman priesthood ’s led and encouraged genocide in Rwanda and the religious mass murders in the Balkans. A real godly man, n ’est pas? Apparently every major political leader from around the world and representatives from every major religion thought so.

~”The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government And The Truth Behind the Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln (2005), pages 10-11, available online at http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/PDFDocs/Transformation%20of%20the%20Republic%20Sample.pdf