Rome in the News, July 2018

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

More women looking to become ‘consecrated virgins’, Vatican says

‘Brides of Christ’ do NOT need to be virgins, Vatican announces: New rules state that chastity is not ‘essential’

Wisconsin Supreme Court Sides With Conservative Professor In Landmark Free-Speech Case – concerns a Jesuit university

After decades of silence, nuns talk about abuse by priests

All-boys school run by Catholic monks acknowledges DECADES of sexual abuse after dozens of former students speak out

Mom accuses pope of cover-up of son’s sex abuse

Archbishop who covered up the rape and sexual abuse of church altar boys is spared jail and sentenced to six months home detention despite showing ‘no remorse’ for his crimes

Predator priest, 75, who sexually assaulted three young boys is STILL being financially supported by the Catholic Church which has even bought him a new car

Pope accepts resignation of McCarrick after sex abuse claims

Vatican-approved journal strikes out at U.S. evangelicals and spread of ‘prosperity gospel’

Former Vatican Bank chief: Authors of New World Order demographic collapse influencing the Vatican

Italian Church Faces Growing Divide Between Prelates and People over Immigration

Pope Francis to Celebrate ‘Mass for Migrants’ in Vatican Basilica

Italian bishop says he’s ready to “turn all the churches into mosques” to aid the cause of mass Muslim migration

Duterte vs. the Jesuits, CIA and Communists

U.N. official calls for ‘ark’ to save world from global warming

Break it

New Finnish Party Defying ‘Globalism, Migration’ Emerges

Qanon: A user’s guide

“I think the European Union is a foe,” Trump says ahead of Putin meeting in Helsinki

Putin: Christianity is the foundation of the Russian state

Putin: Christianity is the Foundation of Russian Nationhood and Cultural Identity

George Soros Calls Barack Obama His ‘Greatest Disappointment’

Brett Kavanaugh, Roman Catholic Jesuit, Unlikely to Overturn Roe