Never Ordained of Christ

Philip Melancthon:

“Furthermore, private masses, vows, the single life of priests,  numbering up of sins to the priest, as well as many other things are used for God’s true service and worship though they are but mere ordinances of men. Although the supper of the Lord was truly instituted by Christ, yet the private mass is a wicked profanation of the Lord’s supper: for in the canon, what a corruption is contained in this where it is said that Christ is offered, and that the work itself is a sacrifice, which redeemeth the quick and the dead? These things were never ordained of Christ; yea manifold ways they are repugnant to the gospel. Christ willeth not himself to be offered up of priests, neither can the work of the offerer, or of the receiver, by any means be a sacrifice. This is manifest idolatry, and overthroweth the true doctrine of faith, and the true use of the sacraments. By faith in Christ we are justified, and not by any work of the priests.

~THE COPY OF PHILIP MELANCTHON’S FRUITFUL EPISTLE,  SENT TO KING HENRY, AGAINST THE CRUEL ACT OF THE SIX ARTICLES, Foxe, Vol. 3, (Ages Software), qtd. in Rand Windburn, “The Abomination of Desolation: Past, Present or Future? Matthew 24:1-15 Examined,” page 31, online at