This Gospel Which Tends To Your Persecution

Rand Windburn, “The Abomination of Desolation: Past, Present or Future? Matthew 24:1-15 Examined,” page 12:

‘Sinners, make your decision for Christ today. By so doing, you will prove your calling and election by experiencing unparalleled
tribulation, hatred by all the world, betrayal by your family, friends
and those who you thought were your brothers and sisters in Christ,
all of which may very well culminate in your death. Jesus guarantees

deceivers will attempt to deceive you, false prophets will do their utmost to mislead you, worldwide wars will rage, either in your community or in a community near yours. You may very likely experience hunger, diseases, and the devastation of your home by earthquake and other natural disasters. And last, but not least, you will have to contend with the arch enemy of Jesus Christ and His Church, the Antichrist, whose identity will be a mystery to most, for he will be loved by the world and false Christians. And, oh yes, few will believe when you insist he is the mystery Man of Sin.’

Does this sound like a Gospel which would attract the throngs? In fact, it is this Gospel which tends to your persecution.

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