History of the Pauline Iconoclasts

Rand Windburn, “History of the Pauline Iconoclasts:”

We begin a look into the deep, dark past of Christianity. What we have found after years of intense research is chilling, but nonetheless true. There has been a systematic, willful, and
largely successful attempt, by Church leadership, to suppress, cover-up, and ignore Church history. By ignoring the past, the average Christian views the Word from a myopic perspective, thereby losing profound doctrinal and prophetic truths. Anyone familiar with the
beliefs of Christians over the past centuries will readily admit new, errant teachings have, like leaven, permeated the Church. Other teachings, such as Pelagian – Arminianism have now become the norm, rather than the abnormal. It is the mission of this ministry to alert the sleeping Body of the misinformation and partial truths which have too long been a part of Church teaching regarding the
interpretation of the prophetic Scriptures. Along these lines, it is imperative for a right understanding of the Revelation that Christians learn the truths of history. By retelling certain portions of Church history, a history which the average Christian has never been told, we pray that eyes are opened and that lives are changed as a result of these startling and disturbing revelations – revelations

which include the profoundly depressed state of the professing Church and its innumerable drunken, sleeping shepherds. We encourage our readers to do their own personal investigations into these histories, to not just accept our word as authoritative. To facilitate the diligent readers’ inquiries, we will footnote all sources…

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