Conquests versus Crusades

I wanted to find some visuals showing the Islamic conquests and the crusades in the Middle Ages.  Here is a  video I found in case it is of interest to you. The video contains commentary discussing violent Jihad by, of course, Islamists and not all Muslims, in the Middle Ages.  It also shows the Crusades by, of course, some and not all Christians during the same time period. I found the visual helpful to see where the conflicts took place:

4 thoughts on “Conquests versus Crusades”

    1. In response to the second video, I feel obligated to note that the powers that be running my country have assured us that Islam is not a challenge or threat to my country or to the West in general. Christianity, on the other hand…

      1. Meg.
        I Think I See What You Mean. We Are The Bad Racist Who Doesn’t Apply Sharia Laws. That When They Punch An Infidel To The Face And Broke A Hand, They Are Martyrs, The Poor Victim And That Infidel Who Should Go To Jail.
        The Ground Zero Mosque …Oh Dare, Oh Dare They Even Formulate Such An Idea..But They Did. Fortunatly Enough More People Were Against It…
        But Sure Christianity Have To Hide, Not To Offend. Christian In The Middle East Are Suffering, They Are Not The Ones Getting In Boat,But Became Merchandise.

        Islam Mean Submission

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