Rome in the News, March 2018

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

Vatican Advances Fake Letter to turn Conservatives Against Church Tradition

Pope Francis: Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns

Vatican on High Security Alert, Rome Is Targeted by ‘Jihadist Propaganda’

Outrageous! Vatican bishop claims: ‘China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctine’

Vatican: China best example of church’s social doctrine: Bishop says Beijing ‘has defended the dignity of the human person’

Pope’s China Calculation Clashes With Image as Champion of Oppressed

Pope claims “Mary Gate of Heaven”

Did Pope Francis Claim that Hell Doesn’t Exist? New Controversial Interview Alleges The Pope Doesn’t Believe in Hell

Vatican denies Pope Francis said ‘there is no Hell’ during interview with atheist Italian journalist after comments spark outrage online

Plaster rains down from the ceiling of St. Peter’s Basilica hours after The Pope was forced to deny saying ‘Hell does not exist’

Pope says Mafia members can’t call themselves Christian because they ‘carry death in their souls’

Pope Francis ‘DID receive a victim’s letter graphically detailing how a priest sexually abused him and how Chilean clergy ignored it’, despite his claim no victims had come forward

Boy, 10, was ‘raped 140 times over two years by a Christian Brother at an exclusive Catholic school’ – and ‘staff told him he was going to hell’ when he exposed the alleged abuse

Woman ‘was sexually assaulted by hooded figure called The Devil helped by cult of satanic nuns then buried alive overnight’ at orphanage

Disgraced Catholic priest, 76, who scandalized the church in New Orleans 30-years-ago when he was found to possess a horde of child porn is murdered by his 18-year-old male lover in Colombia

Holy Cross Theology Professor Says Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’ with ‘Queer Desires’

Confessions of the Vatican’s Favorite Male Escort

Ex pope Benedict says he is in the last phase of his life

When exorcists need help, they call him

Vatican set to hold exorcism training sessions for priests to deal with surge in reports of ‘demonic possessions’

Catholic Church Considers Married Priests to Ease Amazon Clergy Shortage

Priests SHOULD be able to marry and have sex: Five-year Royal Commission into child abuse slams Catholic church in sweeping final report – and refers more than 2000 cases to police

EXCLUSIVE: Nun says she’s left with nothing after bitter legal fight with Katy Perry over the singer’s £10m bid to buy an historic LA convent where her sisterhood had lived over four decades

Senior priest is condemned for wishing Pope Francis a quick death if he continues to ‘stray’ from traditional Catholic values

Vatican Cracks Down on Critics of Pope Francis

English Catholic Church Desecrated in ‘Satanist’ Attack for Second Time

3 Awful Features of Roman Sexual Morality

Abu-Ghazaleh Participates in Drafting a Global ‘Code of Ethics for a Better World’

Africa shapes biggest free trade area since WTO to boost regional business ties