The “Temple” Will Not Be Rebuilt

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An old column:

Hal Lindsey Is Wrong – The ‘Temple’ Will Not Be Rebuilt

by Bill Barnwell
ll Barnwell

One of the strangest teachings from proponents of dispensationalism is the assertion that the ancient Jewish temple will be rebuilt. It is understandable why some extremely conservative Orthodox Jews would desire to have a rebuilt temple, but logically it makes little sense why so many Christians are clamoring to see a third temple. Last week, Hal Lindsey wrote an excited column at WorldNetDaily titled “Revived Sanhedrin discusses temple” where he cites evidence of plans for a renewed temple in Israel. While Mr. Lindsey is a fine Christian and no doubt has done many good things for Christianity, his theological views on the “end-times” which he has been teaching for years are, I believe, full of errors and pose both theological and political concerns.

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