Was Daniel Written After The Fact?

Israel & The Church in the Last Days on the problem with the liberal dating of the book of Daniel:

Amman BW 10“One of the most obvious problems for liberal scholarship is presented by the existence of Septuagint, i.e. LXX, as it was the first translation of the Hebrew Bible into another language (Greek). Tradition hold that seventy men from the twelve tribes of Israel met in Alexandria, Egypt to translate the Bible at the behest of Ptolemy II 283BC-246BC. Unfortunately for these Critical Scholars the Septuagint contains the Book of Daniel 150 years before the Maccabean revolt, and to totally destroy their arguments, recently, a fragment of Daniel has been found in the cache of the Dead Sea Scrolls that dates roughly to within 50 years of Daniel’s internal date. See: New Light on the Book of Daniel from the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

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This is not to mention the fact that Daniel predicts the rise of Roman Catholicism, which occurred hundreds of years after the book was quoted in the New Testament.