Israel, Armageddon, and the Conversion of the Nations

Armageddon MegiddoArmageddon in Megiddo Israel

This past December, Israel took issue with U.S. involvement in a U.N. resolution condemning Israel’s settlement activity.  It stated that it considered the resolution to be a declaration of war against it.  Vox Popoli lists the nations with which Israel would be at war were that the case.

This incident reminded me of a sermon series I heard long ago on Armageddon, the millennium, and the conversion of the Jews.  The series was by Greg Price of Still Waters Revival Books/Puritan Downloads (a ministry which I do not wholeheartedly endorse) and was called God’s Gracious Covenant With Israel.  In Part 11, Rev. Price summarizes the way he thinks Armageddon will go down.  I post that summary here for interest’s sake (see pages 10 and 11 of the pdf attached to the sermon).  It is interesting that this sermon was given before the rise of ISIS and the openly widespread slavery occurring throughout the Middle East.  Writes Rev. Price:

  1.  Certain nations of Islam are significantly diminished of power and might (perhaps due to an attack by Israel while yet in her unbelieving state). This minimizing of power in these Islamic nations PREPARES the way for the kings of the east (although the kings of the east do not immediately set out on their journey at that time).
  2. Israel in her unbelieving state as the enemy of God (Romans 11:28) is attacked by a worldwide confederation of nations who are seduced and misled by antichrist.
  3. The first stage of the battle of Armageddon issues forth in victory for the coalition forces of antichrist and the defeat of Israel. A greater portion of Israel is cut off, either by death or dispersion among the nations (especially the nations of the east).
  4. Those Jews left in Israel turn from their sin and cry out to Christ to save them (this is the first stage of their conversion and restoration). The Lord miraculously intervenes for them and destroys the coalition of antichrist (this is the second and final stage of Armageddon).
  5. From the ranks of those Gentiles that are not slain in the battle of Armageddon, the Lord saves them as they behold the covenant love of Christ for Israel through the Gospel and through His miraculous deliverance of Israel. The Lord sends these faithful witnesses as missionaries back to their own nations whose testimony bears national fruit in bringing the nations to Christ. These nations covenant with Christ on the basis of biblical and historical testimony of Christ’s covenant with Israel and Israel’s covenant with Christ.
  6. The nations now converted teach and preach the Gospel and covenant love of Christ to Israel that is dispersed (and Israel that is dispersed no doubt hears the Gospel and the testimony of God’s covenant love from Israel that is in the Land and that has already been converted to Christ). Israel that is dispersed is likewise converted to Christ and is brought upon the shoulders of the Gentile nations back to her own land (this is second and final stage of Israel’s conversion and restoration). All Israel is now saved subsequent to the fullness of the nations.
  7. The salvation of Israel is like a resurrection for the whole world. Christ reigns from heaven over the world in prospering His Church in uniformity of doctrine, worship, discipline and government.

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