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Rev. Matthew Winzer describes his eschatology:

I am amillennial in the sense of holding to a realised millennium in Christ, in accord with inaugurated eschatology and the two-age now/not-yet outlook of the New Testament. How else can all believers be called saints, citizens of the kingdom of heaven, and have the immediate expectation of glory after this life? I am postmillennial in holding to the biblical expectation of all nations coming to worship God and the kingdoms of the world becoming the kingdom of Christ. The prophetic outlook is tremendously optimistic, and there is no indication in the New Testament that this should be confined to a small remnant. God knows those who are His, but the church labours and prays according to the revealed will of God; eschatology should therefore take in more than an elect-reprobate paradigm, and should have a shaping influence on missions and world history.

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/threads/survey-on-your-eschatology.91531/page-2, Comment 38

My view is similar.  I believe Christ reigns now and that believers are saints and citizens with an expectation of glory now.  Likewise, I also believe in a future worldwide spread of the gospel and hope to see  that start in my lifetime.