Remember the Parallel Babylon

Charles Le Brun - Entry of Alexander into Babylon

Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.:

“Lastly, another caution is here given by St. John. Some, at the present critical time, may be in danger of being deluded by the confident language and bearing of Rome. They may imagine, that a cause pursued with such sanguine reliance, and with such outward appearance of success, must be good. But let us remember the parallel Babylon. Its streets echoed with music; its halls resounded with mirth and revelry; its king’s guards were intoxicated at the gates of the city and at the very doors of the palace, and the vessels of God were on the tables at the royal banquet, when the fingers of a man’s hand came forth from the wall,–and Babylon fell!”

~“Is not the Church of Rome the Babylon of the Book of Revelation?” An Essay by Christopher Wordsworth, D.D., Sometime Bishop of Lincoln at