Hold Fast The Truth

Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. on the fact that no church is perfect:

Westminster Cathedral facade at night“And, that we may not be perplexed by the lukewarmness of many who profess the truth, or exasperated by the tyranny of evil men, and so, in a fit of weak and irritable impatience, fall into schism, –let us observe the Apocalyptic Churches. Though under the government of St. John and of Apostolic Bishops, not one of them is free from blemish. Christ does not find their works perfect (Rev. iii.2). He notes their errors in doctrine, and reproves their defects in discipline (Rev. ii. 5, 10, 16, 20; iii. 2). And what follows? Does He advise their members to quit them? Does He exhort them to pass from Ephesus or Sardis to Rome, and to look for peace and perfection there? No: He commands them to repent, to watch, to strengthen the things that remain, to abide in the truth, to be faithful unto death. This is His exhortation to us. Hold fast the truth. In patience possess ye your souls (Luke xxi. 19). Edify the Church of England by longsuffering, meekness, zeal, faithfulness, holiness, and love. Pray for her, labour for her: be thankful for the privileges, the inestimable privileges, which you enjoy in her communion. Use them aright; and you will save yourself and others (1 Tim. iv. 16).”

~“Is not the Church of Rome the Babylon of the Book of Revelation?” An Essay by Christopher Wordsworth, D.D., Sometime Bishop of Lincoln at http://www.ianpaisley.org/article.asp?ArtKey=union_3