Every Characteristic Is Clearly Found In The Papacy

Pope Benedictus XVI - St. Peter's Square - Vatican City - 11 Oct. 2008

John Brown on Antichrist:

“The above characteristics drawn from Scripture cannot be wholly found in the heathen Emperors of Rome, much less in the fanciful Danitish-Antichrist of popish writers, or the Armillus of the Jews, or the Daggial of the Mahometans. The Mahometan system may indeed be considered as a lesser antichrist, but neither contain all the characteristics applicable to it. It does not sit in the Church, nor appear to men to have a power equal to God’s. It allows no idolatry, nor is it notable for the persecution of the saints, nor was it established by lying wonders, but by the power of the sword. Actually, every characteristic is clearly found in the papacy.”

~John Brown of Haddington, “Dictionary of Bible Characters”, p. 125

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