Refuting Answers to Catholic Myths

Apologetica Christiana refutes Catholic answers to various so-called myths.  They are as follows:

Gaspar the Crayer - Veneration of the Virgin by saintsMyth Number 1: Catholics worship statues

Myth Number 2: Catholics pray to Mary instead of God

Myth No 3: “The saints can’t hear your prayers, because they are dead”.

Myth Number 4: “Mother Mary isn’t important, she’s just like anyone else”

Myth Number 5: Catholics made up all their rules

Myth Number 6: “God said to confess sins to Him, not a priest.”

Myth Number 7: Catholicism is a cult.

Myth Number 8: Catholics aren’t Christians

Myth Number 9: Catholics added books to the Holy Bible

Myth Number 10: Catholics believe you can pay your way into heaven

Read the responses to these myths here:

Image: Gaspar the Crayer – Veneration of the Virgin by saints