The Regard Of The Company We Stand In Suffices Us

Jerusalem Blade from the Puritan Board comments on the modern approach to textual criticism and the fight for the Bible:

We, the professing church of Jesus Christ in the late 19th, the 20th, and early 21st centuries, have institutionalized and conferred legitimacy upon a system—and an attendant industry—predicated on disbelief in God’s providential working to preserve a particular text for His people and approved as such by them, instead depending on man’s science and skill to determine a somewhat preserved text, and that not in the confines of the believing church but in the academy amidst both regenerate and unregenerate scholars.

Those who hold to the faith of their Reformation forebears in the 16th through mid-19th centuries that God provided for His true church a particular preserved text—then forged by their vigorous faith and godly wisdom into an invincible weapon against the proud boastings and bloody aggressions of the Romish monster—the spiritual progeny of these Reformation stalwarts in this matter of their Holy Bibles, are presently demeaned as ignorant and retrograde by those considering themselves the more intelligent and intellectually advanced members of the modern faith community.

Nonetheless, the regard of the company we stand in suffices us.

Source:, Comment #40 (the latter part of Comment #39 also eloquently states the case)