Legs of Iron and an Early Date for the Book of Revelation

Book of Daniel Chapter 2-6 (Bible Illustrations by Sweet Media)A fascinating discussion from Out of His Mouth on the case for an early date for the book of Revelation:

Part 1:

“The dating of the Book of Revelation has been a matter of no small controversy throughout the history of the church, some writers placing its authorship during the reign of Claudius (41 – 54 A.D.), others placing it during the reign of Nero (54 – 68 A.D.), and others placing it in the reign of Domitian (81 – 96 A.D.). In the realm of eschatology, Preterists choose an early date, while Dispensationalists and Historicists choose the later. It is not a matter that can be resolved by external testimony, because the external testimony itself is contradictory. But the internal evidence is quite compelling…

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Image: Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing

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