Honor and Obey the Roman Pontiff

Portrait Pope Pio ix“You above all, venerable brothers, have known how this dogma of our religion has been unanimously and unceasingly declared, defended and insisted upon in synods by the Fathers of the Church. Indeed, they have never stopped teaching that ‘God is one, Christ is one, the Church established upon Peter by the voice of the Lord is one;’ ‘the massive foundation of the great Christian state has been divinely built upon, as it were, this rock, this very firm stone;’ ‘this Chair, which is unique and the first of gifts, has always been designated and considered as the Chair of Peter;’ ‘shining forth throughout the world it maintains its primacy;’ ‘it is also the root and matrix whence sacerdotal unity has sprung;’ it is not only the head but also the mother and teacher of all the Churches…’the Roman Pontiff, who holds Primacy in the entire world, is the Successor of Blessed Peter the Prince of the Apostles and the true Vicar of Christ, the head of the whole Church, and is the visible Father and Teacher of all Christians.’ There are other, almost countless, proofs drawn from the most trustworthy witnesses which clearly and openly testify with great faith, exactitude, respect and obedience that all who want to belong to the true and only Church of Christ must honor and obey this Apostolic See and Roman Pontiff.”

~Pope Pius IX, Amantissimus (On The Care Of The Churches), Encyclical promulgated on April 8, 1862, # 3.)

Source: https://www.worldslastchance.com/end-time-prophecy/appalling-papal-proclamations-straight-from-the-harlots-mouth.html

3 thoughts on “Honor and Obey the Roman Pontiff”

  1. Dear sister, I am glad to see this quote here, another example of the Roman Catholic Church proclaiming herself instead of the Lord she claims.

    Enthroned in the midst of God’s people, clothed in scarlet, Pius IX has set an idol on his desk – he appears with his idol. It couldn’t be more clear as to who he is. So, why are so many people, Roman Catholics, Protestants, and unbelievers, prevented from seeing this?

    Pius IX – deceived and deceiving, so sad! It truly seems that he believed that he was promoting what was good and true.

    1. I couldn’t see it for many years. It was only after I begged God in prayer to help me understand the truth of his Word, and especially Revelation, that He opened my eyes.

      1. Hi, dear! yes, I know. me also. But I wasn’t diligent about understanding but perhaps the Lord knew that it was necessary for me as His child to see this. It explains so much. Lord bless and keep you, Meg!

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