Incredible quotes – Pius IX

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Pope Pius IXJune 16, 1846, to February 7, 1878


Here is Pio Nono (Pius IX), the longest reigning pontiff and the man who convened the First Vatican Council where the doctrine of papal infallibility was defined. 

Reading a post at The Antipas ChroniclesI learned that Pio Nono made this statement about himself as pope:

“I alone…am the successor of the apostles, the vicar of Jesus Christ…I am the way, the truth, and the life…”

The Antipas Chronicles gave the source as History of the Christian Church by Henry Charles Sheldon, p. 59. I clicked a link at the end of the post and landed at the website highlighted below, where many quotes like this appear:

Appalling Papal Proclamations | Straight from the Harlot’s Mouth

For myself, I needed to verify Pio Nono’s statement, hoping to do this in an authoritative document such as an encyclical. Pio’s encyclicals can be found at the following link. When…

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