If You Would Have Antichrist Fall In The Earth


Richard Alleine discusses the need for personal reformation before national reformation:

“But would you that your prayers should be heard? Then arise out of your places, and fall every man upon a personal reformation. Down with your sin, and out with the world; lift up Christ in your hearts, if you would have Antichrist fall in the earth; let Christ have a name within you above every name, and let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity, — from his own iniquity; seek not for corn, and for wine, or for freedom to sit down every man under his own vine, and under his own fig-tree, where none shall make them afraid; but seek the Lord, that the Lord God may dwell among you,  — may delight in you and be exalted by you, that you may indeed become the people of his holiness, and the people of his prayer. Seek to be made partakers of his holiness, and follow after holiness, and so follow after that which ye may obtain. Let there be such a heart in you, and such a holy design heartily taken up, and zealously pursued by you; and the Lord will certainly accept you, and answer your prayers, and your profane enemies will then learn to take heed how they again mock or boast themselves against the prayers of the saints.”

~A Companion for Prayer, or, Directions for Improvement in Grace and Practical Godliness, pages 338-339


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