My God Will Not Be Eaten With Teeth

Brave words from martyr Anne Askew (1521 – July 16, 1546), who did not deny Christ even unto death:

“But as concerning your mass, as it is now used in our days,   I do say and believe it to be the most abominable idol that is in the world:  for my God will not be eaten with teeth, neither yet dieth he again.  And upon these words that I base now spoken, will I suffer death.”

~Select works of John Bale D.D. Bishop of Ossory: edited by Rev. Henry Christmas

“As for that ye call your God, it is a piece of bread.   For a more proof thereof… let it but lie in the box three months and it will be mouldy and so turn to nothing that is good. Whereupon I am persuaded that it cannot be God”

~The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe:  Rev. George Townsend;  1837-41

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