“The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together”

Interesting background on the above saying, which Protestants also hold true:

SFR b+w - returning thanks“The saying was invented by Al Scalpone, a professional commercial-writer, and was used as the slogan of the Roman Catholic Family Rosary Crusade by Father Patrick Peyton (P. Peyton, All for Her, 1967). The crusade began in 1942 and the slogan was apparently first broadcast on 6 Mar. 1947 during the radio programme Family Theater of the Air. The Crusade in Britain started in 1952, and the expression now has many (often humorous) variant forms. [Jennifer Speake, ed., “The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs” (5th ed., 2008), p. 109]”

HT: http://virginiahuguenot.blogspot.ca/2015/03/the-family-that-prays-together.html