Rome in the News, February 2016

Some Rome and eschatology-related news from this past month:

Catholic mass grave sites of 350,800 missing children found in Ireland, Spain, Canada

Did Pope John Paul II fall in love with a married American academic? New BBC Panorama investigation probes former Pontiff’s secret relationships with women

Eerie photos show chilling scenes inside austere abandoned Catholic seminary haunted by allegations of sex abuse by priests

Ex-Catholic priest, 83, is arrested for the murder of beauty queen, 25, whose body was found face down in a canal 56 years ago, days after he heard her confession

Fertile soil for corruption: Pope Francis is met by hugs in Mexico but has tough words for blood-soaked country’s political and religious leaders

Germany’s Catholic Church calls for ‘reduction’ in refugees

New Hampshire state Rep.: ‘The Pope is the anti-Christ’

Pope Francis to meet Russian Orthodox Patriarch in Cuba in bid to heal 1,000-year-old schism between Christianity’s east and west branches

Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox church leader end 1,000 year rift between East and West at historic Cuba meeting as they sign a joint declaration calling for an end to Christian persecution

Pope Francis calls for global abolition of the death penalty saying ‘Thou shalt not kill’ applies to the guilty as well as the innocent’

Pope Francis Sees Putin as ‘Only Man’ to Defend Christians Around the World

Pope Francis under fire over China ‘Realpolitik’

Pope Francis’ meeting with Iran’s President Rouhani fulfils end-time prophecy, Jewish scholars say

Pope unleashes ‘super confessors’ to tackle special sins