The Practical Extirpation of Protestantism

Johannes Adam Simon Oertel Pulling Down the Statue of King George III, N.Y.C. ca. 1859

F. Tupper Saussy on how Catholicism conquered American Protestantism:

On the State of the Church is arguably Lorenzo Ricci’s
“American Manifesto,” the social blueprint for how the General intended to realize Bellarminian liberation in a Protestant monarchy.  The full title page of the first edition of the book says it all:

On the State of the Church and the Legitimate Power of the Roman Pontiff: A Singular Book On the Properly-Ordered Reunification with Dissidents in the Christian Religion.

Here one beholds a description of the momentous social change that the American Revolution would indeed produce — neither monarchial overthrow, nor democracy, nor republicanism, but a “properly ordered reunification with dissidents in the Christian religion,” that is, the reunification of Roman Catholics with Protestants under a secularized religion whose values — long on humanism, short on Scripture — are taught through public schools following the Jesuit ratio studiorum.  “Reunification” means that Protestantism has been reabsorbed into Rome.  This, in the eyes of the black papacy, to the Sun-tzuan mind, and to common sense, equals the practical extirpation of Protestantism.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 17