Surrendered to a Foreign Conqueror

Consider what F. Tupper Saussy has to say on the Protestant persecution of Catholics below.  Has personal liberty increased or decreased since the American Constitution was established?:

Anti-Catholic octopus cartoon“The basis of Roman Catholic persecution was political.  Catholics owed allegiance to Pontifex Maximus, the Bishop of Rome.  The Bishop of Rome was a foreign ruler who as a matter of public policy, regarded the British king and his Protestant Church as heretics to be destroyed.  From the American colonists’ standpoint, to allow Catholics to vote or hold office was tantamount to surrendering their colonies to a foreign conqueror.  A crucial part of maintaining personal liberty in Protestant colonial America was keeping Roman Catholics out of government.  But then came the Revolution.  The colonial citizenry fought for and won their independence from Great Britain.  They established a Constitution that amounted to … surrendering their country to a foreign conqueror.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 11