Numbers, Genesis and Jesuits

Tournai, rue des jésuites

F. Tupper Saussy discusses fascinating prophecies of the Jesuits from Numbers and Genesis:

“We find in the Bible (Numbers 26:44) the mention of “Jesuites.”  These Jesuites were the progeny of Jesui, whose name in Hebrew, Vishviy, means “level.”  The Jesuits certainly leveled the Protestant menace.

Jesui was a great-grandson of Abraham.  His father was the Israelite tribal chieftain Asher (Asher, “happy”).  At Genesis 49:20, Asher’s posterity is divinely prophesied to “yield royal dainties [ma-adanim, ‘delights’].”  Their uniquely privileged access to the minds and wills of kings has certainly enabled the Jesuits to yield copious harvests of royal delights.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 10