A Successful Jesuit Theatrical Mission

F. Tupper Saussy:

MovieTheatre gobeirne“The quality of entertainment’s content was decreed in a section of Inter mirifica encouraging ‘the chronicling, the description or the representation of moral evil [which] can, with the help of the means of social communication and with suitable dramatization, lead to a deeper knowledge and analysis of man and to a manifestation of the true and the good in all their splendor.’  Emboldened by this papal decree, social communicators since 1965 have pushed the constitutional guarantees of ‘free speech’ to the limit by chronicling, describing, and representing moral evil with such progressively vivid, repulsive, prurient, yet often appealing detail that entertainment has become, in the opinion of many, a veritable technological ‘how to’ of moral evil.  It clearly does not lead audiences to a deeper appreciation of Holy Scripture.  This fact identifies entertainment today as a successful Jesuit theatrical mission.”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 9