Lesly’s March

Relic Of Blessed Pope Jphn Paul II 7119

March! march!
Why the devil do ye na march?
Stand to your arms, my lads.
Fight in good order;
Front about, ye musketeers all,
Till ye come to the English Border;
Stand till’t, and fight like men,
True gospel to maintain.
The parliament’s blythe to see us a’ coming,
When to the kirk we come,
We’ll purge it ilka room,
Frae popish relics, and a’ sic innovation,
That a’ the world may see,
There’s nane in the right but we,
Of the auld Scottish nation.
Jenny shall wear the hood,
Jocky the sark of God;
And the kist-fou of whistles,
That mak sic a cleiro,
Our pipes braw
Shall hae them a’,
Whate’er come on it;
Busk up your plaids, my lads!
Cock up your bonnets!
Da Capo.

Read the history behind this march here: http://www.electricscotland.com/history/other/scott/lesleys_march.htm