Billy Graham and His Bible

Barack Obama and Billy Graham

An informative little article by Rev. Alan Cairns:

“Dr. Billy Graham constantly appeals to the Bible as the authority for his teaching. “The Bible says” is one of his most used expressions. It is good to make our appeal to Scripture, for it alone can be our final authority (Isaiah 8:20). But it must be more than empty words.  There must be a full submission to what the Bible says. In the case of Billy Graham the question is: Does the Bible support the statements and actions of Dr. Graham? We must weigh Dr. Graham’s words against the Bible — with startling results…”

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To read quotes from Billy Graham documenting his downward slide, read Billy Graham: The Facts, written by Dr. Bert Oately-Willis, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, available here (some will be posted later on this blog):

Click to access fa-7708202438-11.pdf

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