Missionary Adaptation

F. Tupper Saussy on Rome’s syncretism:

Jesuit MissionaryPlaying loose with truth and Scripture in order to bring every human creature into subjection to the Roman Pontiff is a technique called “missionary adaptation.”  This is explained as “the adjustment of the mission subject to the cultural requirements of the mission object” so that the papacy’s needs will be brought “as much as possible in accord with existing socially shared patterns of thought, evaluation, and action so as to avoid unnecessary and serious disorganization.”[8]

Rome has so seamlessly adapted its mission to American secularism that we do not think of the United States as a Catholic system.  Yet the rosters of government rather decisively show this to be the case.

By far the greatest challenge to missionary adaptation has been the Scripture – that is, the Old and New Testaments, commonly known as the Holy Bible.  Almost for as long as Rome has been the seat of Pontifex Maximus, there has been a curious enmity between the popes and the Bible whose believers they are presumed to head.  In our next chapter, we shall begin our examination of that enmity.

[8] The New Catholic Encyclopedia, “Missionary Adaptation”

~Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies, Chapter 2, page 13