The Book That Bred All The Quarrel

1128054_83020496BANNED“In the 1620s under Puritan preaching in Ulster in the north of Ireland, there was a remarkable revival, with many hundreds coming to faith in Christ. Twenty years later there was a Catholic uprising in the same place, supported by priests, and large numbers – possibly thousands – of Protestants were put to death. A report at the time tells us that

the Bible, in a particular manner was an object on which the Romanists vented their detestation of the truth. ‘They have torn it in pieces, they have kicked it up and down, treading it under foot, leaping and trampling thereupon; saying, “a plague on it, this book has bred all the quarrel,” hoping within three weeks that all the Bibles in Ireland should be so used, and wishing they had all the Bibles in Christendom, that they might use them so.’5

[5] Quoted in J. S. Reid, History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, vol. 1 (Belfast: Mullan, 1867), p. 330.

~, “How Scotland Lost Its Hold of the Bible”

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