On François Fénelon

Via Pilgrim’s Progress revisited:

Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fenelon

François Fénelon, understanding who he was – part 1

François Fénelon, understanding who he was – part 2


11 thoughts on “On François Fénelon”

    1. Maria, I admire your prolific abilities! I look forward to reading the third part. Check out my “new-ish” sister blog for this site in the sidebar :-).

      1. Will do, Meg! Do you know the Reformed blog by this name? Learning To Be Full Of Grace (Pastor Dan Ledwith, a good guy). Dan is posting portions from a compilation of some of Fenelon’s letters, call “Let Go”. These posts are my answer to Dan. He did his defense yesterday or today. It’s very good but I don’t agree that Christians should read Fenelon in this way, devotionally.
        Checking out your other blog…

      2. Never heard of that blog….but now I will have to check it out!

        There is so much good Reformed material to read devotionally. Why not read that instead? My old church’s library was filled with non-Reformed materials and you could see how it affected the way the members of the congregation thought. That congregation, still part of my denomination, has become far more liberal than my home church, partly because of what the congregation is feeding on.

        I’m glad you have time to write posts like you do. Keep it up, sister!

      3. Thank you, Meg! I also sent a link to your new blog to my husband who often visited Canada to fish in Northern Ontario.
        Once I had charge of our Christian Missionary Alliance church library and tossed lots of books – like Charles Finney for example. You keep up the good work because no one is doing what you are doing in a factual gentle way. Others are showing images of Benedict XVI with horns, for example, instead of remaining with history – what we know and what has been learned.

      4. Thank you, Maria! If your husband ever comes to Ontario again, let me know! I used to go to a CAMA church and its library was horrific lol…..a “former” Catholic priest was in charge of that church and ran it into the ground financially. They lost their building and everything.

        It’s not my way to engage in name-calling or mockery unless necessary….though I did do that “Evil Popes” post…. I guess I need more training in that area given the current social and political climate!

      5. You do well, Meg, as you are; it’s what is needed. I must look up the evil popes post – think I missed it. :0)
        Thank you for the invitation – I’ll tell Tom. And also for the description of the church that had a former Catholic priest. It’s all very interesting and the Lord’s grace is amazing as we know!

      6. Well, I’m not sure how “former” he was given the things he was teaching….we left that church and never looked back!

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