No Bishop of Bishops

Young Folks' History of Rome illus030
“It remains for every one among us to deliver his opinion, judging none, separating none from the right of Church Communion for diversity of opinion. For no one among ourselves has set himself up above the rest, as the Bishop of Bishops, aut tyrannico terrore ad obsequendi necessitatem collegas suos adegit, or brought any of his colleagues under a forced submission by the fear of despotic power; inasmuch as every single Bishop is permitted to exercise his own free judgment, without constraint and of his own power, being ”exempt from the judgment of others, as they are from his. For we expect the universal judgment of our Lord Jesus Christ, who possesses in Himself alone power and authority to raise us to the government of His Church, and then to take cognizance of what we do. 2 Cor. 10:16; Gal 2:8, 9.”

~Cyprian, Concio ad Episc. Council of Carthage



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