Rome in the News, December 2015

Some recent Rome and eschatology-related headlines:

One World Everything:

Is the Vatican promoting birth control to tackle climate change? Senior Papal adviser claims it could offer a ‘solution’ to spiralling population


7 Christians Jailed for Refusing to Convert to … Catholicism

Four men ‘with ISIS contacts’ are arrested for making threats against the Pope and have weapons seized in Italy

Roman Catholicism:

Fundamentalism is ‘a disease of all religions’: Pope says it is not just Islam that has extremist factions

Girl, 12, is cancer free one year after getting a blessing from the Pope

Mother Teresa will become a saint: Nun to be canonised after Pope Francis recognises second ‘miracle’ on Brazilian cured of brain tumours

Pope Orders Audit of Church’s Wealth as Whistleblowers Pursued

Vatican: Jews don’t need Christ to be saved

Wiesenthal Center Applauds Vatican’s New Position That, Contrary To The New Testament, JEWS DO NOT NEED TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION


Hillary, Ambassador Stevens, and Trump

Ambassador christopher stevensThis is an interesting take on Benghazi and the current race for the next American President:

How Middle Earth Stacks Up Religiously

Viggo Mortensen 2012An interesting post for those who like the Lord of the Rings.  On this scheme, I’m with Aragorn.  Find out who the Pope is:


Christ, Not the Pope, Is Our Rock


Mtkvari Cliff Tbilisi (A)


In a passage in this book, I said about  the Apostle Peter: ‘On him as on a rock the Church was built’…But  … I so explained what  the Lord said: ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will  build my Church,’ that it be understood as built upon Him  whom Peter confessed saying: ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son  of the living God,’ and so Peter, called after this rock,  represented the person of the Church which is built upon this  rock, and has received ‘the keys of the kingdom of heaven.’   For, ‘Thou art Peter’ and not ‘Thou art the rock’   was said to him. But ‘the rock was Christ,’ in confessing  whom, as also the whole Church confesses, Simon was called Peter.  But let the reader decide which of these two opinions is the  more probable (The  Fathers of the Church (Washington D.C., Catholic University,  1968), Saint Augustine, The Retractations Chapter 20.1).

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The Pope of Rome in Three African Countries 2015: Why Now?

Via Shaun Willcock at Bible Based Ministries:

Why did Francis I, the pope of Rome, travel to three African countries (Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic) in November 2015?

Every papal trip, it doesn’t matter where in the world it is, has a definite purpose, and usually more than one.  Neither the pope, nor anyone else in the Vatican, wakes up one morning and says, “Let’s go to X, Y or Z – it’ll be fun.”  Nothing is by coincidence, nor merely on a whim.  Every single Papal destination is carefully and purposefully selected.  There are reasons for every single trip.  And it was no different with Francis’ three-nation trip to Africa in November 2015.

Reasons for the Trip

The first reason for his visit: the rapid spread of Islam in Africa, including in places where African Roman Catholicism is strong, and even growing.  The Vatican’s interfaith movement, for all its talk about “the need for religions to live in harmony” and “mutual respect” and all the rest, has only one true long-term objective: the neutralising and eventual elimination of all other religions.  Francis well knows that the world’s two largest and most powerful religions are clashing across the world – and as he fervently believes that Roman Catholicism must become the world’s dominant (and eventually the world’s only) religion, Islam must be curtailed.  It was time to hype up his vast African flock to draw a line in the sand and resist the spread of Islam.  Time to make them feel proud to be Roman Catholics, and to promote the message that Roman Catholicism must increase, while Islam must decrease.

The second reason for his visit: the rapid spread, in Africa, of western secularism and hedonism.  As the Roman Catholic religion grows in Africa –which it is doing in leaps and bounds – it is important for the Vatican to curtail the increasing influence of western secular “values”, including the west’s promotion of homosexuality and anti-religion.  But note carefully: the Vatican is a chamaeleon, as is Francis himself.  The colours will change according to the audience.  In America, Francis toned down his anti-homosexual stance, so as not to offend the millions in the west who are increasingly accepting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle.  But in Africa, where culturally most Africans still strongly oppose homosexuality, Francis could proclaim a far stronger pro-family (and thus indirectly anti-homosexuality) message.

The third reason for his visit: to preach his favourite Socialist messages of Socialism and radical environmentalism, both of which are aimed at increasing Papal power.  “Business Day focussed on how the papal visit is timely in a push for the sustainable use of resources, and how the Pope had criticised trickle-down economics in defence of the world’s poor.  The paper said that Francis is ‘an advocate of radical change in the global economic order.’”[1] He certainly is, as I have shown in various articles.[2]

And the fourth reason for the visit: to strengthen African Roman Catholicism as it faces challenges from various other quarters.  “These include the clash between traditional customs, like ancestor veneration and church teaching.  Charismatic churches are springing up all over the continent and many Africans (and Catholics) are attracted to the healing power such congregations claim to have.  Polygamy, which is directly at odds with Catholic teaching, is also practiced in parts of Africa…. A number of priests have also left the Church rather then follow the celibate life of the Catholic priesthood.  In a society that places high value on marriage and childbearing, the church’s discipline of celibacy is often questioned in Africa.”[3]

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A Song Worth Singing

I gave up celebrating Christmas years ago and don’t miss it.  I particularly don’t miss singing carols that teach falsehoods about Christ and Christianity.  Someday I will have to do a post on that.  But in the meantime, here is a song I don’t mind belting out:

An 8-Point Critique of Dispensational Premillennialism


A summary of the points and a link to the full text is available via The Reformed Mind here:

Eschatology Charts and Diagrams

AmillennialismVia Amillennialism:


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As Popery Increases, the Religion of Christ Decreases

Rev. Robert Hall, M.A.:

Arbol Navidad 02“Popery, in the ordinary state of its profession, combines the form of godliness with a total denial of its power. A heap of unmeaning ceremonies, adapted to fascinate the imagination, and engage the senses; implicit faith in human authority, combined with an utter neglect of divine teaching; ignorance the most profound, joined to dogmatism the most presumptuous; a vigilant exclusion of Biblical knowledge, together with a total extinction of free inquiry present the spectacle of religion lying in state, surrounded with all the silent pomp of death. The very absurdities of such a religion render it less unacceptable to men whose decided hostility to truth inclines them to view with complacency whatever obscures its beauty, or impedes its operation. Of all the corruptions of Christianity which have prevailed to any considerable extent, Popery presents the most numerous points of contrast to the simple doctrines of the Gospel; and just in proportion as it gains ground, the religion of Christ must decline. On these accounts, though we are far from supposing that Popery, were it triumphant, would allow toleration to any denomination of Protestants, we have the utmost confidence, that the professors of evangelical piety would be its first victims. The party most opposed to them look to papists as their natural ally, on whose assistance, in the suppression of what they are pleased to denominate fanaticism and enthusiasm, they may always depend: they may, therefore, without presumption, promise themselves the distinction conferred on Ulysses, – that of being last devoured. From a settled persuasion that Popery still is what it always was, a detestable system of impiety, cruelty, and imposture, fabricated by the father of lies, we feel thankful at witnessing any judicious attempt to expose its enormities and retard its progress.”

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