Waldensian Merchant-Missionaries

Beacon of Truth:

WaldoAtLutherDenkmal“Not content to merely practice the truth, keeping the precious light to themselves, the Waldenses sent out missionaries over the greater part of Europe. Every young person who expected to enter the ministry was required to first gain experience as an evangelist, serving three years as a missionary. Of course, had these men gone out as preachers of the gospel, their purpose would have been defeated. Instead, they traveled as merchants, carrying with them many valuable articles, such as jewelry and silks, not easily obtainable except at far away marts of business. While they would have been despised as missionaries, as peddlers they easily found entrance. From the humble peasant’s cottage to the baron’s castle, they found a ready welcome.

In preparing for their mission, they took care to conceal among their wares and in their clothing, copies of the Word of God, usually portions they had written themselves. Wherever they found an interest in spiritual truth, they would call the attention of their customers to these portions of Scripture. When means were not available to purchase these portions of Scripture, they gladly left them as a gift to those who were interested in having them.”

Read more about the Waldensians: http://beaconoftruth.org/christian_heritage/protestants/waldenses.html


14 thoughts on “Waldensian Merchant-Missionaries”

  1. Meg, there is a great book called Czechoslovakia in European History by S. Harrison Thomson that explains how the Czechs were prepared for reformation by the ministry of Waldensians before Huss’s work. Wonderful!
    Princeton university press 1953 – I happily stumbled upon this book…

      1. Thanks, Maria! You are the most prolific blog commenter I’ve ever seen! Every time I read a blog I see that Maria has already been there lol. Have a great Thanksgiving! In my country, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October :-).

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