Is Trump a Jesuit?

I came across this video posted on Inquisition News:

The main argument being put forth seems to be that Trump may be a Jesuit because he was educated at the Jesuit Fordham University.

It is, of course, possible that Trump is a Jesuit and chose to be educated at Fordham for that reason.  However, without further evidence, a mere possibility does not make a certainty.

I am wary of making claims based on a person’s place of education because there are numerous reasons why someone might attend a place of higher education that have nothing to do with his religious leanings.  For instance, I have a degree from one of the most left-leaning universities in Canada.  By this video’s logic, I must therefore be an extremely left-leaning person.  But I am proof that a person can obtain an education from an institution and yet not share that institution’s values.

So is Trump a Jesuit?  Who knows?  Unless I see some solid evidence, I will abstain from levying that charge against him.