Will Few or Many Be Saved?

Apocalypse 34. Satan bound for 1000 years. Revelation cap 20 v 3. Burney. Phillip Medhurst Collection

A postmillennial interpretation of Matt. 7:13, 14; 20:16; 22:14; Luke 13:23, 24, showing how these passages do not rule out the conclusion that the vast majority of humanity will be saved in history:



3 thoughts on “Will Few or Many Be Saved?”

  1. Dear Meg, this can be true no matter your position – pre or post millennial, I believe. This is one of the most hopeful things I’ve read. There are questions in my mind about it but He anticipates questions mostly, with solid answers. It’s just not what I’ve ever seen in the Word of God. Where are you on this?

  2. It depends on whether or not you see there being a coming “Golden Age” of Christianity. That is when postmills see most people turning to Christ. Lots to think about…..I am not dogmatic on this issue as I am still studying it 🙂

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