The Antichrist Sun and the Antichrist Moon

(aka the two horns of Antichrist)

Michael Daniels, The First Rays of Millennial Morning Light
An Overview of Historicism Classical Post Millennialism
A Historic Covenanter view of Eschatology:

Azoth-Fouth woodcut“The Historicist sees that the ecclesiastical Antichrist (secularism is the state Antichrist) has two horn, one that grows out of the other. The Two horns are represented as the Papacy and Islam- the mystery religion of Babylon. The two heads are two sides of the same coin that stem from ancient Babylon. The Papacy which is the Babylonian Sun worship and is represented by the sun and Islam which is the Babylonian Moon worship and is represented by the crescent moon. Both have their roots in ancient Babylon and both have been paradisaical and taking in different portions of authentic Christianity and twisted them to their evil scheme.”

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